Welcome to the SLOWTRAVEL experience!

"Traveller, there is no path, the path is made by walking." (Antonio Machado)

Travelling slowly is the art of getting from one place on the earth to another, while, at the same time, opening up ourselves to the now, where life reveals itself to its greatest extent. It may happen on road, in an experience with nature, or in the unexpected discoveries in an unfamiliar environment.

SLOWTRAVEL experience is offering this kind of travel via Freighter Travel, Postship Travel, Train TravelsExpeditions, and Sailing Trips world wide. In combination with those modes of transport, we can reach almost any destination on earth - without an airplan.

Wherever the traveller is located, we are aiming to present the varieties of alternative ways of travelling around the world - instead of flying or travelling with a cruise.

Within the meaning of soustainable Tourism we are aiming to offer a product range, which is ecologically and socially more than acceptable. Our way of travelling is very low on the Emission of Carbondioxide already. Nevertheless we compensate all of our CO2-emissions with atmosfair carbon offset projects by 100%.

Additionally Freighter Travel, Sailing Trips and and Train Travels are an excellent alternative for those travellers who have Fear of Flying, want to keep on recover after a Burnout-Therapy or simply would like to discover the distance within a Sabbatical.