Discover the
Slowtraveller in You!

The pacific crossing from
Hong Kong to Los Angeles. »more informations

With theAranui 5
to French Polynesia

The successor of the Aranui 3
leads you through the Marquesas Islands. »more informations

Eye of the Wind

In the sailing season 2016 this shipping routes
will expand our sailing adventures. »more informations

Discover the
loneliness in You!

With a small crew on a Sailing vessel
to the antarctica. »more informations


Discover the most popular Railway
route in the world! »more informations

Experience the
Slowtravel in You!

Experience the brasilian Rainforest and
the Reserva Natural Palmarí. »more informations

The Luxury
of the Inactivy!

The excellent Ayurveda-Cure at the
Paragon Resort in Sri Lanka. »more informations

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Welcome to the
SLOWTRAVEL experience!

"Traveller, there is no path, the path is made by walking." (Antonio Machado)

Travelling slowly is the art of getting from one place on the earth to another, while, at the same time, opening up ourselves to the now, where life reveals itself to its greatest extent. It may happen on road, in an experience with nature, or in the unexpected discoveries in an unfamiliar environment.
SLOWTRAVEL experience is offering this kind of travel via Freighter Travel, Postship Travel, Train Travels, Expeditions, and Sailing Trips world wide. In combination with those modes of transport, we can reach almost any destination on earth - without an airplan.
Wherever the traveller is located, we are aiming to present the varieties of alternative ways of travelling around the world - instead of flying or travelling with a cruise.