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Ayurveda - Devaaya

Trip (TR4-221):
The authentic Ayurveda cure and Naturopathic of the Devaaya medical health centre for treatments regarding health imbalance subsequently of our modern way of living.

The Ayurveda Cure at the Devaaya
An equalized high benefit for body and mind is the major focus. Considering this it is recommended to all guests not to consume caffeine, nicotine and alcohol during the whole time of the therapy. Therefore at the Devaaya Center will be followed a strict prohibition of alcohol and cigarettes. That is the reason why there is no coffee and exceptionally vegetarian food will be served.

The following Services are included for our guests

  • Aveda (Ayurveda-Treatment Centre)
  • Meditation- & Yoga Centre
  • Laughter Therapy
  • 24-hours medical care standby duty
  • Fitness room
  • Naturopathic Treatments
  • Swimming pool
  • Basketball- & Tennis court
  • Daily changing activity plan
  • Ayurvedic pharmacy
  • 3 Restaurants with ayurvedic and pure vegetarian food exceptionally
  • Barrier-free
  • TV (can be removed from your room upon request)
  • Bicycles
  • 24-hours security service
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Fares & Services


Ayurveda - Devaaya

Fares/Person from Nov. 01st 2015 until Oct. 31st 2016
SuperiorAyurveda or NaturopathySupplement single occupation
14 nights1,449.00 €399.00 €
21 nights2,173.50 €598.50 €
28 nights2,898.00 €798.00 €
each addtional night 103.50 €28.50 €
Villa or Cottages
14 nights1,568.00 €637.00 €
21 nights2,352.00 €955.50 €
28 nights3,316.00€1,274.00 €
each addtional night 112.00 €45.50 €
Suite (2-Room Cottage)
14 nights1,687.00 €875.00 €
21 nights2,530.50 €1,312.50 €
28 nights3,374.00 €1,750.00 €
each addtional night120.50 €62.50 €

The Standard-Therapy at the Devaaya includes as follows:

  • The rooms are furnished with an air conditioning, TV and a Telephone (a refrigerator exists as well in the category "Villa")
  • Tri-Dosha Ayurveda-Nutrition and Beverages (vegetarian full bard)
  • After an extended consultation through the ayurvedic medical specialists, determining your current physical and mental health condition and after determining your individual constitution type, will be defined your individual plan of treatment
  • Daily guided Meditation, Kriyas and Yoga
  • Cleaning the body internally by diverting the Amas and Doshas through the help of the Panchakarma applications (usually twice per day)
  • Medical care (24 hours per day)
  • Extensive consultation about health and nutrition based on ayurveda
  • Ayurvedic cooking demonstration
  • Sauna, steam bath and jacuzzi