Freighter Voyage
to South America!

Crossing the Panama Canal and getting
to Lima, Valparaiso and Guayquil. »more Informations

Freighter Cruise
Asia to South Africa

The connection from Hong Kong and
Singapore to Cape Town. »more Informations

Passenger on Cargo
to Australia

Crossing the Suez Canal and getting to
Melbourne and New Zealand. »more Informations

to Asia!

From Europe to Malaysia and Hong Kong
crossing the Suez Canal. »more Informations

On a Freighter
from China to USA

Crossing the Pacific from Hong Kong
to Los Angeles. »more Informations

Cargo Ship Travel:
USA - Australia

From Los Angeles and San Francisco
to Sydney and Auckland. »more Informations

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Freighter Cruise

Europe - Central & North America

/ San Jose

France - Belgium -

Travel with a Freighter via Antwerp,
Le Havre, Martinique and Guadeloupe

Shipping routes
Belgium - France -
Guadeloupe - Martinique
- France - Belgium

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/ San Jose

Belgium -

The Connection with a Freighter Cruise to
Le Havre, Rotterdam or Veracruz

Shipping routes
France  - Belgium -
Netherlands - Germany -
USA - Mexico - USA - France

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Germany - France -
USA East Coast

Freighter Voyage via Bremerhaven,
New York and Charleston

Shipping routes
Germany  - France - USA -
United Kingdom - Belgium - 
Netherlands - Germany

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/ San Jose

Italy -
USA East Coast

Travel with a Cargo Ship from
Genoa to New York and back

Shipping routes
Italy - Spain - Portugal -
USA - Spain - Italy

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/ San Jose

France -
USA West Coast

Freighter Travel from Marseille
to Los Angeles and San Francisco

Shipping routes
France - Spain - Colombia - Panama -
Mexico - USA - Canada - USA - Mexico -
Panama - Portugal - Marocco - Spain - Italy

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