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Details of the Ship
SV Chronos with set sails

The Chronos has a capacity for up to 26 passenger (additionally maximum 10 beds for children). The professional crew consists of the captain, the mechanic, 2 boatswain, the cook and 3 stewards responsible for the service. While the Chronos is sailing in Southern Europe from may till november, it is cruising in the Caribbean from december till may and is available for your personal sailing trip experience. On Deck you will find a lot of space with deckchairs, sunbed and benches.

On deck is space for 30 passenger, where breakfast can be served for instance. On the lower deck you will find the saloon with the bord-library, CD/DVD/TV - where it is perfect to eat in the community, to play games or where you simply may enjoy time for yourself. The Chronos has 6 deckschairs, 6 sunbeds, 2 dinghys with an engine of 25 hp and 60 hp and space for 7 Passengers. Additionally the sailing ship is equiped with watter ski, wakeboard, diving goggles, windsurfer, 2 kayaks, diving compressors and scubas.


Up to 26 guests can stay in 13 comfortable Double Cabins - all air-conditioned (individually adjustable) and with a private bathroom. Moreover, in the Deluxe Cabins 10 extra beds can be arranged. The following cabin types are available:

  • 1 Master Cabin, ca. 14 m², 1 double bed (2.00 x 1.80 m), vast bathroom with shower, WC
  • 2 Long Cabins, ca. 11 m², 1 double bed (2.10 x 1.70 m), bathroom with WC, basin and shower cabinet (70 x 90 cm)
  • 10 Deluxe Cabins, all ca. 12-13 m², each with a bathroom: WC, basin and shower cabinet (70 x 90 cm)
The Crew

Chronos Crew

The professional crew consists of eight people, involving the captain, mate, boatswain, engineering, 3 stewardesses and a cook. All of them are taking care of you during your sailing cruise.

In turns the following crew members are on board:

  • Captain: Ron Veerman, Ingo Martens, Jeroen Peters
  • Ingenieur: Artur Zieciak, Gijs Vanden Bogaerde, Mariusz Cwingelberg
  • Deckhand:  Nico Göttert
  • Boatswain: Finn Buttgereit, Johannes Kraushofer, Julia Straßburger, Matyas Zoltan, Nico Witte
  • Chef: Randolf Virhus, Steffen Bisch, Thomas Prosiegel, Raul Arndt
  • Stewardess: Annelies Pfann, Elisa Schmidt, Isabelle Fussell, Johanna Abbenhaus, Teresa Guimare

Captain - Ron Veerman

The Captain Ron Veerman was born in 1956. His nationality is dutch and he speaks dutch, german and english fluently. He started his maritime career due to a friend taking him on board as an engineer on the famous Brigantine »Swan van Makkum« where he sailed the Caribbean and as far as the Seychelles. Later he decided to become a captain himself and went to the "Enkhuizer Zeevaartschool". He is a captain since 2002 sailing most of the time the 60 m Barkentine "Atlantis" in the Med, the North and the Baltic Seas as well as in the tidal waters around England and Ireland. Ron's private interests are soccer, speed skating and meeting different cultures. His biggest pleasures are his two daughters.

Chef - Randolf Virhus

Randolf Virhus is the Chef Cook of the Chronos-Crew. He is born in 1956, his nationality is german and besides german he speaks also english. His interest in cooking started as a child while his grandmother owned a hotel.After more than twenty years of running his own gourmet restaurant in Germany Randolf first served as a chef on board of a ship in 2009, when he sailed on the Dutch Barquentine Mercedes. Besides his love of Mediterranean and Asian foods, he is famous for his home made soups.His Private interests are Cinema, music and nature, especially wildlife and animals.

Stewardess - Annelies Pfann

Since being a little girl, Annelies Pfann was introduced to sailing very early by her parents who were Captain and Bosun on a Dutch Traditional Sailing ship called the ‘Hollandia’. From that time she sailed throughout her entire life on many different ships. In 2014 she graduated for her Bachelor International Hospitality Management. For he working on the Kairós is a great combination of pursuing her career in tourism together with amazing sailing trips.

Dates & Booking

All Routes

Dates Route Price from Route-Nr.
05.02.2023-19.02.2023 Grenada - Grenadines / Union Island / Tobago Cays / Bequia - St. Vincent - St. Lucia - (Mustique) - Grenada 5.700 € SR191-366c4
26.02.2023-05.03.2023 Grenada - Grenadines / Union Island / Bequia / Tobago Cays / (Mustique) - Grenada 3.050 € SR191-366c5
12.03.2023-18.03.2023 Martinique - Dominica - Iles des Saintes - Guadeloupe - Antigua 2.550 € SR191-366c6
25.03.2023-04.04.2023 Antigua - Antigua Teilnahme Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta 4.550 € SR191-366c7
06.04.2023-27.04.2023 Antigua - Gibraltar/La Linea 5.700 € SR191-3161
03.06.2023-10.06.2023 Sicily / Liparische Inseln - Salerno 2.950 € SR191-311c1
17.06.2023-24.06.2023 Salerno - Amalfi - Capri - Ischia - Procida - Sorrent - Salerno 3.300 € SR191-311c2
24.06.2023-04.07.2023 Salerno - Amalfi - Capri - Ponza - Ventotene - Procida - Salerno 4.350 € SR191-311c3
05.07.2023-15.07.2023 Salerno - Amalfi - Capri - Ponza - Ventotene - Procida - Salerno 4.350 € SR191-311c4
22.07.2023-29.07.2023 Salerno - Amalfi - Capri - Ischia - Procida - Sorrent - Salerno 3.600 € SR191-311c5
05.08.2023-12.08.2023 Salerno - Amalfi - Capri - Ischia - Procida - Sorrent - Salerno 3.400 € SR191-311c6
13.08.2023-19.08.2023 Salerno - Amalfi - Procida - Ponza - Costa Smeralda - Sardinia 2.750 € SR191-311c7
19.08.2023-26.08.2023 Sardinia - Costa Smeralda - La Maddalena - Straße von Bonifacio - Sardinia 3.500 € SR191-311c8
26.08.2023-02.09.2023 Sardinia - Costa Smeralda - La Maddalena - Bonifacio - Sardinia 3.400 € SR191-311c9
02.09.2023-09.09.2023 Sardinia - Costa Smeralda - La Maddalena - Bonifacio - Sardinia 3.600 € SR191-311c10
09.09.2023-16.09.2023 Sardinia - Costa Smeralda - La Maddalena - Bonifacio - Sardinia 3.600 € SR191-311c11
16.09.2023-23.09.2023 Sardinia - Korsika - Antibes 2.850 € SR191-311c12
23.09.2023-01.10.2023 Antibes - Îles d'Hyères - Les Voiles de St. Tropez - Antibes 3.650 € SR191-311c13
02.10.2023-10.10.2023 Antibes - St. Tropez - Îles d'Hyères - Menorca - Mallorca 3.250 € SR191-311c14
22.10.2023-05.11.2023 Malaga - Gibraltar - São Vicente/ Kapverden 3.640 € SR191-3141
05.11.2023-15.11.2023 Kapverden / São Vicente - Boa Vista - Sal - Santo Antão - São Vicente 4.700 € SR191-3441
16.11.2023-26.11.2023 Kapverden / São Vicente - Boa Vista - Sal - Santo Antão - São Vicente 4.700 € SR191-3442
26.11.2023-03.12.2023 Kapverden / São Vicente - Santo Antão - São Nicolau - São Vicente 3.050 € SR191-3443
04.12.2023-19.12.2023 Kapverden - Grenada 6.600 € SR191-3462
20.12.2023-27.12.2023 Grenada - Grenadines / Union Island / Tobago Cays / Bequia - St. Vincent - St. Lucia 3.050 € SR191-366c8
27.12.2023-03.01.2024 St. Lucia - St. Vincent - Grenadines / Mustique / Tobago Cays - Carriacou - Grenada 3.400 € SR191-366c9

To book your sailing voyage with the SV Chronos, Kairos or Rhea, please fill in and send back the following documents by email or fax:

After receiving your booking forms, we will send you the booking confirmation and invoice whereupon a deposit of 1/3 is due. The second third is payable until 3 months prior departure and the last third until 1.5 months prior departure. If you pay from outside the EURO-zone, paying by credit card might be the cheapest option. But still we have to charge a non-refundable credit card fee of 2.5%.

Further Documents required not later than 30 days prior departure (without those it will not be possible for the skipper to accept you for the sailing voyage):

  • Travel Health Insurance
  • Covid-19 vaccination and a negative PCR-Test

For further details we refer to:

Please check the above information and inform us immediately in case of any discrepancies. For further details please refer to our General Terms and Conditions as well as the enclosed passage conditions of the organizer Sailing-Classics CV. The price includes accommodation on board in the booked category, sea transport, full board, water, tea, coffee, harbor dues and nautical crew expenses. The price does not include: programs or excursions ashore (if possible), transfers, expenses for personal needs, soft drinks and alcoholic beverages and gratuities.
For transfer trips, please note that service is limited. Participants are considered fellow sailors and are welcome to assist the crew with watchkeeping and other on-board duties. Since the seas can be rough at times, a certain level of physical fitness is required. Sailing experience is an advantage, but not a prerequisite. Possible port and stopovers will depend on the route and the time frame. The final decision is made by the captain. 
Depending on wind and weather conditions as well as ship-related conditions, the start and duration of the transfer trip and possible stopovers may vary without any further claims on either side. For the return flight a buffer of at least 2 days should be planned or a rebookable ticket should be booked.
The tour price is payable as follows: 20% upon receipt of this invoice and the rest at the latest 35 days before departure.
You will receive the passage ticket with all important information about the sailing trip approx. 3 weeks before departure. When entering the Caribbean it is important to present the passage ticket. Please also remember to have your credit card with you for identification purposes on the train.