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Sailing SOUTH 2024: Chile - Antarctica - South Shetlands - South Georgia - Falkland Islands

With the Santa Maria Australis into the foot steps of Shackleton to the ancarctic

42-days 150-years-Shackleton Sailing-Expedition (EX22-557):

Puerto Williams/ Chile – Beagle Kanal – Drake-Passage – Antarctic Peninsula – Graham Land – South Shetland Islands – Elephant Island – Scotia Sea – South Georgia – Port Stanley/ Falkland Islands


Expeditionsreise Antarktis

This unique expedition sailing ship travel to Antarctica will leave incredible, unique impressions. From Puerto Williams/ Chile from pursuing the Santa Maria Australis, the traditional route, which was committed by courageous researchers for centuries. First she travels eastwards along the Beagle Channel to south crossing the Drake Passage.

Your first impressions of the Antarctic will be deep and stable. This is completely independent of the weather or the time of day we will reach Antarctica. The landscape is incredibly bright even when the sun disappears behind the horizon shortly.
Depending on the conditions, we will begin the northern areas of the Antarctic Peninsula to explore and then choose the best places where you can experience the incredible amount of wildlife in the region - including whales, penguins, birds and seals.

Whether you're more of an active person or just want to soak up the magic of Antarctica in itself. There is a wide variety of ways to enjoy: mountain climbing, take the boat to the icebergs, visit penguin colonies snowshoeing or just spend time on the ice.

Based on many years of experience we know that 3 weeks Minimum on the Santa Maria Australis are such an Antarctic Adventure. To access this quiet and unspoiled places that are only possible per ships as Sarah, even 4 weeks are recommended. This represents a particularly important prerequisite to fully immersed in this incredible and unique place.

Antarktis Forschungsreise


The observation of the wilderness begins at the arrival at the Fire-Land. Through the Beagle Canal, the Drake Passage and the Antarctica there is a rich and unique amount of wilderness to see. 

Birds: You can discover birds from the south american continent, seabirds from the Drake Passage and special birds of the Antarctica. 

Penguins: In the water of the Fire-Land you can discover the Magellan-Penguin. But the really big colonies of the Gentoo Penguins , Chinstrap Penguins and Adelie Penguins are only seen in the deeps of the Antarctica. 

Seals: There are two sorts of seals which are seen in the antarctica. First the Earseal which counts to the bigger ones and the wedell seal. 

Wale: You can see wales over the whole Summer - even in the Beagle Canal and at the whole Kap Hoorn. None the less you will only see the big colonies of wales in the deeps of the antarctica. You can see the Humpback whales, sei whales, fin whales , killer whales and sometimes the blue wale. If the wales are curious or if they are feeded you can watch them some hours.


Sailing SOUTH 2024: Chile - Antarctica - South Shetlands - South Georgia - Falkland Islands

With the Santa Maria Australis into the foot steps of Shackleton to the ancarctic


Tag 1-5: Puerto Williams - Drake Passage

Landing in Puerto Williams you will see the fascinating beauty of the region with its many glaciers. It´s the southernmost city in the world and the starting point of your antartic expedition.
The journey leads you from Santiago to Punta Arenas, from where you will fly with the local airline DAP via the Darwin Cordilliera and the Beagle Channel to Puerto Williams.

Antarktis Segeltörn

A member of the team of SIM Expedition will pick you up at the airport and brings you to the Micalvi Yacht Club, where you will meet the other passengers.
The skipper welcomes you on board of the Santa Maria Australis and introduces you to the ship. As soon as the weather conditions allow, your sailing trip through the Beagle Channel begins.

Today you sail through the Drake Passage, passing Bahia Nassau and the famous Cape Horn. While sailing through the Drake Passage your participation is assumed. After passing the Antarctic Convergence Zone the water temperatur falls from 5° to 1° Celsius. The water becomes green and species-rich.

Day 6-17: Antarctic Peninsula - Graham Land
Further to the south there is the ring-shaped Deception Island. Your ship sails right into the island’s impressive crater. At Pendulum Cave, a former bay used by whalers, you can experience the unique features of the island during an excursion or, in case of good weather, have a bath in one of the warm springs at the beach. Furthermore it is possible to visit the biggest colony of chinstrap penguins of the antarctic peninsula at Bailey’s Head.

You will pass Bransfield Strait and visit Cierva Cove with its impressive icebergs. With a little bit of luck you will be able to spot a humpback whale today. The mammals are frequently visitors of the Gerlache Strait. Afterwards the Santa Maria Australis berths at Enterprise Island. Its gravel beaches and sandy slopes are the habitat for a lot of different plants and wildlife that can be observed, for example elephant seals, nesting penguins, king cormorants, giant petrels and whales.

Cuverville Island
You sail on to Cuverville Island, which is characterized by its glaciers and steep cliffs. It is populated by a variety of seafowl. The island as well gives a splendid view on the Errera Channel and the Gerlache Strait. On the island you will get the chance for a last antarctic kayak trip and a last antarctic sunset. 

Cuverville - chilean González Videla Antartic Base - Paradise Bay

Paradise Bay - Le Maire Strait - Port Pleneau
Today, the Santa Maria Australis sails to Paradise Bay where you can observe leopard seals, penguins and whales. You will make a trip with a zodiac and visit the chilean station Videla. 

Port Pleneau - Argentine Islands - Graham Land
You may visit the Akademik Vernadsky Research Station and Graham Land, the southernmost points of your expedition.

Day 18 - 24: South Shetland Islands - Scotia Sea - South Georgia

You will pass the Lemaire Channel, also called the Kodak Gap, where you will be surrounded by cliffs up to 1.000m high. You sail to the Circumcision Bay on Peterman Island. There you can discover the bizarre landscape by kayak or zodiac.

Antarktis mit dem Segelschiff

The sailing ship berths at one of the most beautiful places of Antartica. You visit Port Lockroy. The british harbour shelters a museum and the only post office of the antarctic continent. The island hosts a colony of gentoo penguins which nests on the footway of the office.

Peterman Island - Port Lockroy - Dorian Bay - Elephant Island.
Elephant Island - here, you will check the weather conditions for the crossing of the Scotia Sea.
Organisation of the shift for the lookout station (2 persons - each 2-4 hours).

Day 25 - 42: South Georgia - Scotia Sea - Falkland Islands

We will take time for upto 7 days for South Georgia before we cross the Scotia Sea to the Falkland Islands.
Arrival at Port Stanley and party after a wonderful unforgetable and unique expedition.
Disembarkation in Port Stanley and flight home via Punta Arenas.

Ship description

Sailing SOUTH 2024: Chile - Antarctica - South Shetlands - South Georgia - Falkland Islands

With the Santa Maria Australis into the foot steps of Shackleton to the ancarctic

Santa Maria Australis

Ship type: Hydra Duo 66
Designer: Horst Glacer & Kurt Reinke
Yard: Euro Aluship Ltd Gdansk
Long: 20,20 m
Width: 5,50 m
Draught: 2,30 m
Year of built: 1998
Sail area: 222,00 qm
Fuel: 5,100 Liter
Water: 2,500 Liter
Cabins: 4
Capacity: 6-7 Sailors

Dates, Prices & Services

Sailing SOUTH 2024: Chile - Antarctica - South Shetlands - South Georgia - Falkland Islands

With the Santa Maria Australis into the foot steps of Shackleton to the ancarctic

Dates & Fares

incl. atmosfair CO2-Offset 0,764 t CO2 &
incl. Operation & Provision Costs
Departure Arrival Price/Person Duration
Dec 17, 2023 Puerto Williams/ Chile Jan 27, 2024 Port Stanley/ Falkland Islands 25,400 € 42 Days

Travel Specific comments

Payment Terms

  • 1/3 of the payment is due with the booking
  • 1/3 to be paid 3 months prior to departure
  • 1/3 one month prior to departure is due

Included within the price:

  • Accommodation within the booked cabin,
  • Heating on board,
  • Food and beverages (Coffee and Tea),
  • Linen: Synthetic duvet and cover, pillow, pillow case and towel,
  • Sailing outfit and snow shoes,
  • All port entry, exit and landing fees whilst on board,
  • 110v, 240 and 12v AC for charging electronics (such as computer, cell phone, camera, iPod, etc.)  please check your owner’s manual for specifics,
  • Diesel and consumables for yacht and inflatable zodiac operations,
  • CO2-Offset via atmosfair.

Not included:

  • Rubber boots, sailing and shore hiking boots,
  • Winter clothing,
  • Sleeping bag if required for shore activities,
  • Specific food for onshore expeditions,
  • Beverages from the bar
  • Personal medical supplies,
  • Transmission costs for satellite phone calls and email connections (see communication agreement),
  • Travel costs to and from port of departure and arrival,
  • Travel insurance for remote areas,
  • Travel cancelation insurance.

General advice

Weather and ice conditions are a constant changing parameter, and are an integral part of travelling in the South. Depending on the conditions at the time, the itinerary may be adapted accordingly to maximise the experience for everyone on board and to ensure the safety of the vessel and personnel.

The agency 'SLOWTRAVEL experience' is not the organizer, rather the agent of this travel. Therefore the Terms & Conditions of the shipping company are applicable.

For further information please do not hesitate to contact us. Changes and errors excepted!