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Sailing Vessel


Details of the Ship

SY Kairós
The Kairós has a capacity for up to 18 passenger. The professional crew consists of the captain, pilot, first mate, cook and 1-2 stewards responsible for the service. While the Kairós is sailing in Southern Europe from May until November, it is cruising in the Caribbean from December till May and is available for your personal sailing trip experience. On deck you will find a lot of space with deckchairs, sunbed and benches. Under the sun roof on the quarterdeck there is enough space for all 18 passenger, where breakfast will be served. On the lower deck you will find the saloon with the bord-library, CD/DVD/TV - here it is perfect to eat together, to play games or it is a place where you simply may enjoy time for yourself.

Technical Facts
2-mast-schooner, sail area 556sm, length 38m, width 8.20m, length waterline 31.20m, depth 3.80m, weight 160to, engine MAN 400hp. Dutch flag, home port Rotterdam. Classification: Commercial Cruising Vessel/CCV.

Water Ski, wakeboard, tube riding, snorkeling equipment, deck chairs

Cabin Facilities
Up to 18 guests can stay in 9 comfortable double cabins - all of them with air conditioning (individually adjustable) and a bathroom. The following two cabin types are available: 

  • 6 Double Cabins Category A: "Endeavour", "Mariquita", "Eleonora", "Lethantia", "Altair", "Orion", each ca. 10-11 m² with a double bed (2.00 x 1.50 - 1.70 m), bathroom with WC and shower cabinet (90 x 90 cm).
  • 3 Double Cabins Category B: "Aun", "Sposa", "Anitra", each ca. 8-9 m², one with a double bed (Antira), two with bunk beds
The Crew

Kairos Crew
The professional crew, consisting of six people, involving the captain, mate, boatswain, engineering, 3 stewardesses and cook. All of them are taking care of you during your sailing cruise.

In turns the following crew members are on board:

  • Captain: Jeroen Peters, Matthijs van Middelkoop
  • Ingenieur: Artur Zieciak, Grzegorz Ryszkiewicz, Mariusz Cwingelberg
  • Deckhand: Mihai Bogdan Gadalean, Kars Petri
  • Chef: Randolf Virhus, Raul Arndt, Steffen Bisch, Thomas Prosiegel
  • Stewardess: Annelies Pfann, Elisa Schmidt, Johanna Abbenhaus, Lisa Neppel, Teresa Guimares

Captain - Frans Veldstra
The Captain Frans Veldstra is dutch, was born in 1976 and speaks besides his mother language also german, french, spanish and english fluently. He started his maritime career due to his family very early and developed a big passion to these sports. Now Frans is the Captain of the Kairos Crew and he appreciates especially the guests on deck, who make the day extra special for him. Besides his job as captain, he also studied social psycology and trained severals teams to raise effectivity. His personal interests are cooking, travelling, reading and sports.

Ingenieur - Artur Ziecak

Artur Ziecak ist the ingenieur of the Kairos. He is a Polish citizen and speaks, besides his mother tongue, German and English fluently as well. He has 20 years of work experience on different yachts and bigger ships. In 1984 he began to sail in a local sailing club. Since then he undertook several sailing trips in the Baltic Sea as a crew member, captain or technician.