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South Africa - Azores


Crossing the Atlantic from Cape Town/ South Africa to Horta/ Azores

53-day sailing trip with the Bark Europa via St. Helena and Ascension

Cape Town/South Africa - St.Helena -
Ascension Island - Horta/Azores

Dates: 13.06.2023 - 04.08.2023

Price: from 5.995 EUR

incl. atmosfair CO2-compensation (23 €/to CO2)
RouteDatesShared cabinDouble cabinYoungster fare (16-29 y/o)Duration
Cape Town - Azores 13.06.-04.08.20235.995€6.995 €5.670€54 Days

The Bark Europa is a training ship. The passengers are considered a part of the crew and therefore receive detailed safety instructions. Depending on your interest and condition, you will be assigned tasks on board. The permanent crew will be there to help and advise you. For example, you can assist with navigation, set sails, steer the ship or support the crew on watch. Sailing experience is not required.
You will quickly understand that teamwork is the key to a unique sailing adventure. However, the Bark Europa also invites its passengers to relax. The ship is ideally equipped for longer sea voyages. It has a library, a lounge, a poker area and a lounge, the deckhouse. In addition, there is a DVD and CD player and radio on board. The majority of the crew is Dutch, but English is predominantly spoken on board.

Cabin Facilities

On board of the Bark Europa there are four 2-person cabins, four 4-person cabins and four 6-person cabins. Each bunk has a blanket and bedlinen. Own bedrolls are therefore not necessary. Towels are also provided. All cabins have their private bathroom and WC. 


Crossing the Atlantic from Cape Town/ South Africa to Horta/ Azores

53-day sailing trip with the Bark Europa via St. Helena and Ascension

Travel specific notes

All crew and voyage crew have to be fully vaccinated + booster against COVID-19.
We advise all voyage crew to have a cancellation and travel insurance that includes covid coverage.
We advise all voyage crew to arrive at 2-3 days before embarkation in the port of departure.
We kindly ask voyage crew above the age of 65 to send in an additional health statement signed by their physician.
Voyage crew above the age of 73 are welcome to book the roundtrip in the Azores, as this is marked as coastal trip.

Two person cabins: Bark Europa only has 3 two-person cabins. Two persons cabins are of the same standard as the shared cabins and offer no extra luxuries or room. The extra privacy is its main advantage. When two-person cabins are sold out and two sailors book a shared cabin instead they can make a note of their preference for a private cabin, so we can contact them in case of cancellations. 
Meal options and allergies: Meal options onboard are: non-vegetarian or vegetarian. Due to the limited size of our galley and storage room, all other meal requirements and allergies need to be checked with our cook first before we can confirm a booking. A vegan diet cannot be catered for onboard Europa. 
Health statement: Being fit and healthy is extremely important when undertaking a voyage on a sailing and moving vessel in remote areas where no extra medical care is available. Safety is our number one priority. In addition to the health statement in the booking form, we ask our sailors aged 65 or over to submit a statement from their physician. This can be found here. Our Antarctica voyages and ocean crossings are not available for sailors of 73 years or older. 
Your answers on the health statement and booking form are used to inform the captain and/or the ships doctor when available on your voyage, so we expect you to keep them accurate and inform us of any changes in your medical situation between the moment of booking and the moment of embarkation.
You cannot sail on Europa if you are pregnant. Bookings of sailors that are diabetic, use heart medication or blood thinners, or have had treatment in the last years that has influenced their immune system will require that we seek advice from our team of ships doctors about the suitability of the different voyages.

Explanatory Advices

Weather and ice conditions are a constant changing parameter, and are an integral part of travelling in the South. Depending on the conditions at the time, the itinerary may be adapted accordingly to maximise the experience for everyone on board and to ensure the safety of the vessel and personnel.

The Agency 'SLOWTRAVEL experience' is not the organizer, rather the agent of this travel. Therefore the Terms & Conditions of the Shipping Company are applicable.

For further informations please do not hesitate to contact us. Changes and errors excepted!