Slowtravel - Coaching

„All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveller is unaware." (Martin Buber)

What is Slowtravel-Coaching?

What do we understand by Slowtravel-Coaching?

Slowtravel-Coaching is a process-oriented projection where the voyage as well as the related current aspects of the traveller determined.

This projection focus on the individual needs of the travelers in form of questioning their ambitions and create particular resource-oriented solutions. 

The Coach as well as the traveller are claimed to the process to the same extent. As for the coaching-process typical, no solutions, ideas or opinions will be presented by the coach. The coach functions as an independent and neutral process-tutor. Different techniques support the developement of self-activation, self-perception as well as the flexibility and expansion of the repertoire of actions of the traveller. 

Everyone of us has his / her own dreams and imagination how our travel should reveal itself. Generally this incorporates the experience of nature, unique discovery and unexpected encounters.

In the search we usually orientate ourself on already familiar ways of travelling. But to get in touch with something new we need the requirement to open new spaces. 

We cannot plan or even enforce those new experiences. But we can create new conditions, which might enable those experiences.

In my longtime experience (as a traveller and tour operator) I engaged myself with the different influential factors, which I now want to give access to my experience.

Travel-Coaching vs. Consultation

Travel Coaching

  • The goal of Travel-Coaching is to support you in finding new ways how to develop new travel experiences.
    The Slowtravel-Coaching goes a bit further and focus on the question how we create sustainable and conscious approaches.
    This means that the general focus of the coaching is based on our attitude, with which we use to proceed on our travels. Thus this form of coaching is specialized on the conscious and sustainable way of travelling and seeks to support and attend you in evolving your travel dreams.


  • The travel consultation in contrast has its focus on the individual and convenient offer of travel options, destination and tours. Accordingly the Slowtravel-Consultation is restricted to do this in a sustainable and conscious way.
Best Practice


  • The session can take place here in our rooms in berlin as well as via telephone or skype.  
  • The preliminary meeting of approx. 15 minutes is free.
  • A session of 1 hour costs 60 EUR (incl. 19% VAT). The payment for the first hour is due with the first session. In case of a payment by creditcard I charge a 2% surcharge. For every continuing session I ask a deposit of 50%, which is refunded if the appointment will be canceled earlier than 48 hours prior the the appointed session. 
  • During a session it is recommendable to only take as little notes as possible. The resulting questions and ideas will be summarized at the end of each meeting. 
  • The duration of the Slowtravel-Coachings embrace generally 1-3 sessions. According to the individual requirements sometimes longer.

About me 

  • My name is Arne Gudde and I was born in Bremen/Germany on December 05th, 1973.
  • After a degree in Economics, a certificate program on Intercultural Teaching at the University of Jena (Faculty of Culture Studies) and over 10 years professional experience in the areas of process consulting, controlling and corporate developement, I founded SLOWTRAVEL-experience in the year 2010.
  • Today I have my expertise in the fields conception of travel, travel consultation and travel coaching with a special focus on our ability to open up our travel desires for more sustainable and conscious ways of travelling.
  • But in the first place I am especially a traveller!