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The daily information of all media about the spread and containment of the Coronavirus create still many concerns to most of the travelers. Travel warnings of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs have to be considered seriously. As well to us the fiduciary duty is very important.
Voyages within & outside europe are coming back step by step! Furthter details about the current situation of the different routes and types of traveling you will find as follows: 

  • Freighter Travel:
    To Asia and Africa: We expect that passengers will be accepted again from January 2022. Please let us know if 2022 is still an option for you. In this case we will keep you on the waiting list and will get back to you as soon as your route becomes bookable again.
    To Australia: The routes departing from Europe in 2022 are bookable again. 
    To South & North America: For departures from October 2021 we are filling up our waiting list and will inform you as soon as your route is bookable again. Please double check if 2022 will be an option for you as well.
  • Voyages with the Aranui 5 for the seasons 2021 and 2022 are bookable.
  • Sailing Voyages within the North & South of Europe, within the Caribbean and crossing the Atlantic are bookable.  
  • Our Expeditions to the Antarctica in the season 2021/22 are bookable already.
  • The Trans Siberian Railway is cancelled until further notice.
  • We are happy to inform you already that soon we will publish our new Bicycle Trips within Germany and the Netherlands.