"We had a wonderful trip: we enjoyed having good relationships with the other passengers; the food was very good and the Captain and crew were most friendly."

(Mrs. J. - from Le Havre/ France to New York by freighter)

"First of all, the trip was fantastic! I think I ended up on the best container ship in the world. Seriously. Everyone was so extremely nice, and the captain was so generous. Every night was a special meal, like smoked eel or seafood buffet. He even had built his own bar on the ship called the Miami Beach Club, and every night was like a disco, and it was his personal mission to make sure I drank as much beer as possible. Really, the trip exceeded my expectations 1000%, and I wish that I had booked a much longer trip with them."

(Mr. R. - from Hong Kong to Singapore by freighter)

"The freighter was great and a fabulous experience for me. I was the only passenger on board. The accommodation was great. The senior officers were French. Other crew members were French and Romanian. There were 4 Indian deck hands. It was all very interesting and I was made quite welcome."

(Mr. D. - from Qingdao/ China to Long Beach/ Los Angeles by cargo ship)

"It was certainly a unique experience. All the crew were very friendly and a pleasure to chat to. Its not a form of transportation for everyone but a great insight into a world we think little of."

(Mr. F. - from Pusan/ South Korea to Prince Rupert/ Canada by freighter)

"In brief, I loved the trip, it was everything I was hoping for. I am considering taking another ship back to South America later this year, as I enjoyed the trip so much. The crew were friendly and knowledgeable, the accommodation and food were good."

(Mr. S. - from Callao/ Peru to Rotterdam)

"Everything went very well on board of the Navi Baltic and I enjoyed my trip thoroughly. The captain could be described as a true gentleman in every respect. He was so willing to help and welcoming to me as a passenger as well as being interested and helpful."

(Mr. Q. - from Hamburg via St. Petersburg to Rotterdam by freighter)

"So I think, the experience was well worth it. I have heard that some people find it too dull but on one hand, I traveled only for a short period and on the other hand I had so much stuff to do that even a month would not suffice to get me bored. Moreover I am introvert, so I am not scared of being alone. The crew was very good (as I was told, I was quite lucky). The captain was a very pleasant Czech and there was also another Slovak and one Pole in the crew, so the communication was much easier. Even more, the captain was a very nice fellow (and with only 40 years I think he must be very good to be captain). So I have learnt a lot about ships, navigation, propulsion, life on the sea and responsibilities."

(Mr. R. - from Miami to Le Havre/ France by freighter)

"This trip was very interesting !! I can not speak English well . But the crew was very kind. I was able to experience what I could experience only there."

(Mr. N. - from Santos/ Brazil to Port Elizabeth/ South Africa by freighter)

"We had a fantastic time with MSC Monterey."

 (Mr. A. - from Mauritius to Singapore by freighter)