Sailing trips & Expeditions

"If you want to discover new lands, you must be willing to lose sight of the shore for a long time!"
(Author unknown)

Sunset sailing trip on three mast sailing ship


Sailing trips within
North and South Europe

Netherlands, France,
Portugal, Spain, Italy,
Malta, Croatia & Greece

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Three mast clipper Elizabeth on sailing trip in the Netherlands

Netherlands - ljsselmeer

Sailing and cycling
from Amsterdam

Amsterdam - Monnickendam - Hoorn -
Enkhuizen - Urk - Lemmer -
Stavoren - Enkhuizen - Amsterdam

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Sailing yacht SV Chronos at sunset in the Caribbean Sea


One way sailing
& round trips

Shipping routes
Lesser Antilles &
British Virgin Islands

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SV Santa Maria Australis on Antarctic sailing trip


Sailing Expeditions
from South America to Antarctica

Shipping routes
Argentina, Beagle Canal, Drake Passage, South Shetland Islands, Antarctica Peninsula, Antarctica, Drake Passage

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SV Bark Europa on Atlantic crossing sailing trip

Atlantic Crossings

Sailing the
vast Atlantic

Shipping routes
Europe, Cape Verde Islands, Caribbean,
Brasil, Chile, Cape Horn, South Africa

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Sailing trips offer a unique and exhilarating experience that connect you with the beauty of the natural world and the ocean.

Atlantic Crossing: 
Sailing across the Atlantic Ocean are a challenging and rewarding experience that offer a sense of accomplishment like no other. The vastness of the ocean and the feeling of being in the middle of nowhere can be both humbling and empowering. Spending such an amount of time on a sailing yacht provides the sense of adventure, the feeling of freedom, and the opportunity to connect with nature in its rawest form and additionally, with oneself.

The Caribbean is known for its turquoise waters, sandy beaches, and steady trade winds, making it a popular holiday destination. Sailing in the Caribbean offers a sense of relaxation and escape from the stresses of everyday life. Enjoy the warm sunshine, the crystal clear waters, and the vibrant culture of the islands.

Sailing trips in Europe offer a diverse range of experiences, from the rugged coastlines of Scotland to the sunny beaches of Greece. It is a great opportunity to explore different cultures and histories, as well as to sample a variety of cuisines. Sailing in Europe offers a diversity of landscapes, cultural richness, and the sense of adventure that comes from exploring new places.

Dutch Ijsselmeer:
Discover the Dutch Ijsselmeer sailing and cycling. This special trip takes you through green polder landscapes and charming historic coastal towns, which you can comfortably explore by bike.

The Mediterranean Sea is renowned for its azure waters, charming coastal towns, and rich history. Sailing trips in the Mediterranean offer a sense of romance and sophistication, as well as an opportunity to explore ancient ruins and sample delicious cuisine.

Polar expeditions:
A sailing trip or expedition to the Arctic or Antarctica is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that offers a sense of wonder and awe. The pristine beauty of the icebergs and glaciers, the unique wildlife, and the feeling of being in one of the most remote and inhospitable places on earth make sailing in polar waters an unforgettable experience. The sense of adventure, the opportunity to connect with nature in its most extreme form, and the feeling of being part of a select group of people who have had the privilege to experience this incredible destination will stay with you forever.