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Expedition & Sailing Trips

Furthter details about the current situation of the different routes and types of traveling you will find as follows: 

  • Sailing VoyagesAntarctic-Expeditions, Amazon-Expedition and the Aranui 5 are bookable.
  • Freighter Travel: 
    - between Europe and South Africa is bookable again from now on,
    - from Europe to the US, Mexico and Costa Rica (and the opposite direction) will not be possible again before July 2022 (New York & Canada not even before 2023), and
    - every route to Asia, Australia and South America probably not before 2023.
    - Please let us know if 2023 is an option for you as well. We will keep you on the waiting list and will get back to you as soon as your route becomes bookable again.
  • The Trans Siberian Railway is cancelled until further notice.


Sailing Trips within
the North- & South of Europe

Netherlands, France,
Portugal, Spain, Italy,
Malta, Croatia & Greece

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Expedition Sailings
from South America to the Antarctica

Shipping routes
Argentina, Beagle Canal, Drake Passage,
South Shetland Islands, Antarctica Peninsula,
Antarctica, Drake Passage, Argentina

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Atlantic Crossing

Crossing the
atlantic sailing trip

Shipping routes
Europe, Cape Verde Islands,
Caribbean, Brasil, Chile,
Cape Horn, South Africa

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