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Expedition & Sailing Trips

"If you want to discover new lands, you must be willing to lose sight of the shore for a long time!"
(Author unknown)

Current situation due to Covid-19:

The Trans-Siberian Railway is cancelled until further notice due to the war in Ukraine.

Please let us know if traveling in 2023 or 2024 is an option for you as well, we will keep you on the waiting list and will get back to you as soon as your route becomes bookable again.


Sailing within
North and South Europe

Netherlands, France,
Portugal, Spain, Italy,
Malta, Croatia & Greece

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Netherlands - ljsselmeer

Sailing and cycling
from Amsterdam

Amsterdam - Monnickendam - Hoorn -
Enkhuizen - Urk - Lemmer -
Stavoren - Enkhuizen - Amsterdam

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Expedition Sailings
from South America to the Antarctica

Shipping routes
Argentina, Beagle Canal, Drake Passage,
South Shetland Islands, Antarctica Peninsula,
Antarctica, Drake Passage, Argentina

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Atlantic Crossing

Crossing the
atlantic sailing trip

Shipping routes
Europe, Cape Verde Islands,
Caribbean, Brasil, Chile,
Cape Horn, South Africa

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Various types of sailing:

  • Sailing yacht tour: it combines full service with unhurried, active sailing that feels almost like it would on a private yacht. It is a wonderful and unforgettable experience. Typically, the nights are spent anchored in quiet bays.
  • Long-distance cruises: Trips with more extensive sailing segments, with a potential stay of up to 50 nights.
  • Transfers: If sailing is an option, day and night; if not, motorized. Participants in this limited service program are co-sailors and are expected to help the professional crew with watchkeeping and other daily tasks on board.
  • Themed cruise: Include shore excursions with a tour guide if there are 12 or more passengers.
  • Sailing and family: limited itineraries: family-friendly services, and affordable sailing.
  • Expeditions: During the summer months in the Southern Hemisphere, sailing missions to Antarctica between Cape Hoorn, Antarctica, South Georgia, Falklands/Malvinas and South Africa.