Atlantic Crossings

by Sailboat

Participants in Atlantic crossings are considered co-sailors and may actively assist the crew with watchkeeping and other on-board duties. Service is limited during these cruises. As the sea can be rough at times, a certain physical fitness is required, sailing experience is an advantage.

The possible port and stopovers will depend on the route and the time frame. The final decision on this is made by the captain. The start and duration of Atlantic crossings as well as possible stopovers may vary depending on wind and weather conditions as well as ship technical conditions.

For the return trip it is recommended to plan a buffer of 3 days or to book a rebookable ticket. During a transfer, the ship is brought from A to B within a fixed period of time, if necessary using the engine.

From the Caribbean to Europe

Travel dates Route Price from Sailing Vessel Route No.
03.05.2023-12.05..2023 Azores - La Linea/ Gibraltar 2,700 € SV Rhea SR191-3164
23.04.2024-09.05.2024 Antigua - Azores 4.700 € SV Rhea SR191-416r2
23.04.2024-10.05.2024 Antigua - Azores 4.700 € SV Chronos SR191-416c2
23.04.2024-17.05.2024 Antigua - Azores - Denia/ Spain 7.078 € SV Rhea SR191-416r3
23.04.2024-18.05.2024 Antigua - Azores - Denia/ Spain 7.220 € SV Chronos SR191-416c3

From Europe to the Caribbean

Travel dates Route Price from Sailing Vessel Route No.
28.11.2023-20.12.2023 Tenerife/ Canary Islands - St. Martin 6.600 € SV Rhea SR191-3166
21.11.2023-19.12.2023 Malaga - Tenerife/ Canary Islands - St. Martin 8.265 € SV Rhea SR191-3167
21.11.2023-12/21/2023 Tenerife/ Spain - Barbados 5.700 € SV Eye of the Wind SR6-3162
22.12.2023-29.12.2023 Barbados - Grenada 2.170 € SV Eye of the Wind SR6-3666
04.12.2023-19.12.2023 São Vicente/ Cape Verde - Grenada 6.600 € SV Chronos SR191-3462
21.11.2024-20.12.2024 Gibraltar - Tenerife - Dom. Rep. 8.265 € SV Rhea SR191-416r6
28.11.2024-20.12.2024 Tenerife - St. Martin - Bayahibe/ Dom. Rep. 6.900 € SV Rhea SR191-416r5

Europe - South America - Atlantic Coast

Travel dates Route Price from Sailing Vessel Route No.
13.06.2023-04.08.2023 Cape Town/ South Africa - St. Helena - Ascension - Horta/ Azores 5.995 € SV Bark Europa SR2-3141
21.09.2023-21.11.2023 Cadiz/ Spain - Teneriffe/ Canary Islands - Montevideo/ Uruguay TBC SV Bark Europa SR2-3143
04.10.2023-21.11.2023 Teneriffe/ Canary Islands - Montevideo/ Uruguay TBC SV Bark Europa SR2-3142

Caribbean -

Atlantic crossing from
Barbados to the Netherlands

Shipping routes
Barbados - Bermuda -
Azores - Amsterdam

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South of Europe -

Nov-Dec 2023: Atlantic crossing from
Spain via Barbados to Grenada

Shipping routes
Tenerife - Barbados -

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Cape Verde Islands -

Dec 2023: Sailing from the
Cape Verde Islands to Grenada

Shipping routes
Cape Verde Islands -
Grenada/ Caribbean

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Canary Islands -

Nov-Dec 2023: Sailing Trip from
Malaga via Tenerife to St. Martin

Shipping routes
Malaga/ Spain - Tenerife/ Canary Islands -

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