Basic Travel Insurance
You wish a specific insurance for your next journey, which covers among others a travel health insurance and a travel cancellation insurance? Subsequently here you may find the product you need.

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Annual Travel Insurance
If you wish to cover all your journeys within one year, you may want to choose the yearly travel insurance of the ERGO Travel Insurance.

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Climate consious travel

Climate conscious travel –  with atmosfair and Slowtravel
Everyone talks about the climate - everyone contributes to the change differently

The air traffic plays an importante role in terms of environmental protection and climate conscious travel, because it is joining the responsibility for the emissions of greenhouse gases in a relatively high amount. The climate effect of a return flight from Germany to Los Angeles per passenger is influencing the climate as much as a car for 3 years on 30 kilometer daily.
Although there are for many travellers on many journeys no reasonable alternatives, we from SLOWTRAVEL want to offer those to you. Additionally together with atmosfair we want to provide a relieve for our climate.

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