Camino Frances

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The last 114 km from Sarria to Santiago de Compostela

Group travel with tour guide

Camino Frances group travel route Sarria-Santiago

Camino (PR18-175): Sarria - Portomarín - Palas del Rei - Arzúa - Amenal - Santiago de Compostela

Type: Group travel - 7 nights/ 8 days
Level of difficulty: easy
Distance: ca. 114 km

from 900 EUR per person (double room)
from 1.150 EUR per person (single room)

Available Dates:

13.04. – 20.04.2024 11.05. – 18.05.2024 01.06. – 08.06.2024 07.09. – 14.09.2024 12.10. – 19.10.2024

Services included:

  • Hotel stay with half board and drinks (water and wine)
  • Group of 8 - 18 travelers
  • Tour guide (spanish, german & english speaking) for all hikes and transfers IN & OUT
  • Transfer Santiago airport to hotel in Sarria - day 1, Transfer hotel in Santiago to Santiago airport - day 8
  • Luggage transfer from stage to stage (max. 20 kg per person)
  • 1 Pilgrim starter kit per person (pilgrim pass, pilgrim shell & maps for all stages)
  • Guided tour of Santiago, Entrance to the Cathedral of Santiago, Farewell dinner in Santiago old town - day 7

Add-on: The Camino Finisterre prolongues your voyage by approx. 4 additional days.

The average age group for guided pilgrimages is usually from about 50 years upwards. Of course, there are occasionally younger people who prefer to hike in a group, but this tends to be the exception. The nationalities are mostly mixed, the guide speaks German, English and Spanish.

Why book a Camino travel group?

There are several advantages to a group travel on the last 114 km of the Camino Frances!

Hiking with a group of like-minded individuals can create a sense of camaraderie and support. You will have the opportunity to meet new people, share experiences, and potentially create lifelong friendships.

Further on, group travel can provide a sense of safety and security, especially for solo travelers. The Camino Frances is generally safe, but traveling with others can give you extra peace of mind.

Participating in group travel can also provide you with unique experiences - because they´re shared experiences - that you might not have had if you were traveling alone. You will have the opportunity to participate in group activities and events, share meals, and explore the Camino Frances together.

Traveling in a group also offers support: Walking the Camino Frances can be physically and mentally challenging. Group travel can provide you with the encouragement and motivation you might need to push through difficult moments and reach your goal of reaching Santiago de Compostela.

Overall, group travel on the last kilometers of the Camino frances from Sarria to Santiago de Compostela can enhance your experience and create lasting memories and friendships.


The last 114 km from Sarria to Santiago de Compostela

Group travel with tour guide

On this tour you walk the last 100 km of the Camino Francés. These last 100 km run through Galicia and are required to obtain the Compostela. The Compostela is a pilgrimage certificate granted by the ecclesiastical authorities that certifies that the pilgrim has walked a minimum distance of 100 km on the Camino de Santiago.

Day 1: Arrival in Sarria
Arrival in Santiago de Compostela. At the train station or at the airport you will be welcomed by your tour guide. After the welcome you will have a transfer to the hotel in Sarria. Dinner and overnight stay in Sarria.

Day 2: Sarria - Portomarín (approx. 22.2 km / approx. 6.5 hours / easy)
After breakfast you will start your first stage of the Way of Saint James. For many hikers this is also the first stage of the Camino de Santiago. From Sarria you will dive into beech, oak and pine forests, which you will cross on paths and trails. Here you will pass Barbadelo, Rente and Brea. Just past this last village is the marker with the inscription Kilometer 100. Dinner and overnight in Portomarin.

Day 3: Portomarin - Palas de Rei (approx. 24.8 km / approx. 7.5 hours / easy)
The second stage today will take you to Palas de Rei. Farmers, paths, pasture and hiking trails meet the pilgrim friendly in a well signposted labyrinth. At the exit of Portomarin you will cross the road and then a branch of the reservoir over a footbridge. Immediately after, you climb up the slope of this ford until you reach the village of Gonzar after 2 km along the course of the road. As in yesterday's stage, you will pass through the towns of Castromayor, Hospital de la Cruz, Ventas de Naron, Ligonde and Eireche at intervals of 3 km each. Dinner and overnight in Palas de Rei.

Day 4: Palas de Rei - Arzúa (approx. 28.5 km / approx. 8.5 hours / medium)
The final destination is not far. Now it is time to enjoy every step.
The march towards Pambre begins. After 2 km, take a left turn that leads to Casanova through the villages of San Xulian and Pontecampañas. Half an hour later you enter the province of A Coruña. The first towns here are Leboreiro, Furelos and Melide. At the exit of Melide, the road enters a dense forest that leads to the village of
Parabispo. Immediately after that, we reach Boente, and from here we go up and down to Arzua. Before that we will pass by Castañeda and Ribadiso da Baixo. Dinner and overnight in Arzua.

Day 5: Arzúa - Amenal (approx. 22.6 km / approx. 7 hours / easy)
This is an exciting but also a stage full of serenity. The pilgrim feels that Santiago is now within reach. The terrain is very reminiscent of the previous stage. A lot of ups and downs through small towns and villages, which offers variety to the hiker. Dinner and overnight in Amenal.

Day 6: Amenal - Santiago de Compostela (approx. 16.1 km / approx. 5 hours / easy)
Pilgrims used to fall to their knees, overwhelmed with joy, when they saw the towers of Santiago Cathedral. This is certainly the most joyful stage of the entire route. Dinner and overnight stay in Santiago de Compostela.

Day 7: Santiago de Compostela
Renaissance and Baroque buildings characterize the cityscape of Santiago, which is dominated by the mighty cathedral. Today we have planned a guided tour in and around the cathedral. Almost 50 churches, magnificent squares and streets lined with arcades make Santiago one of the most beautiful cities in the whole of Spain. The visit to the cathedral with the Pórtico de la Gloria and the tomb of St. James in the crypt is certainly the highlight of the trip. Participation in the pilgrimage service. In the afternoon you will have some free time. Farewell dinner in a typical restaurant in the old town of Santiago de Compostela.

Day 8: Departure
Transfer from the hotel in Santiago to the train station or airport of Santiago de Compostela.


The last 114 km from Sarria to Santiago de Compostela

Group travel with tour guide

Packing List

The last 114 km from Sarria to Santiago de Compostela

Group travel with tour guide


  • backpack (incl. rain protection): 35-50 l - max. 2 Kg/ 4.4 lbs
  • 2 pair of trekking pants: 1 convertable with zipper & 1 shorts
  • 2 shirts (functional material such as merino wool)
  • 1 long sleeve (best merino wool)
  • 2 pairs of hiking socks (compression socks are also recommended)
  • (possibly also nylon stockings - under the hiking socks against blisters)
  • 2 functional underpants
  • hiking boots (no sneakers)
  • 1 sweater
  • flipflops or crocs and/ or sandals
  • rain jacket & pants (or poncho) - max. 0,5 Kg/ 1.1 lbs
  • wind stopper
  • small travel towel
  • sun hat
  • poss. swimming gear (for the camino to Fisterra, for the portugese and spanish camino along the coast)

Sanitary Articles    

  • washbag (or big Zip-Lock-Bag)
  • shower gel (small travel version)
  • toothpaste (small travel version) & dental floss
  • toothbrush
  • disinfectant, needle & thread (best to treat blisters) or blister pads
  • deer cream (to prevent blisters) - 50-100 ml
  • magnesium
  • sun cream - 50-100 ml
  • deodorant
  • headache pills (preferably Ibuprofen 400)
  • razor
  • tissues
  • tiger balm

Technical Equipment    

  • headlamp
  • ebook-reader
  • phone
  • camera
  • pocket knife

Documents & Money    

  • purse
  • cash
  • credit card
  • passport (for non-europeans) or ID
  • train tickets
  • health insurance ID (or travel health insurance for non-europeans)
  • emergency phone numbers of your insurance and bank


  • Pilgrim Guide & Itinerary
  • Pilgrim’s Credencial
  • diary & pen
  • St. James's scallop
  • sunglasses
  • drinking system (e.g. camel bag) - max. 2 l
  • zip lock bags or 10 liter freezer bags (for the modular pack system)
  • first aid kit
  • trekking poles or hiking/ pilgrim stick
  • stone as symbol (especially for the Camino Francés)

The last 114 km from Sarria to Santiago de Compostela

Group travel with tour guide


You can choose your travel period individually. We recommend a travel time between mid-April to mid-October. Please try to register your trip with us up to 6 weeks before departure.
Arrival arranged independently on your own. We would be happy to help you find a suitable train connection.
Transfers to/from the train station are not included unless otherwise stated. On request, we would be happy to organize a transfer from/to the train station or airport (price for a maximum of 3 people with luggage). Upon request, we can help you book a private transfer for departure. Otherwise, we recommend taking a taxi or public transport to your first (or from your last) accommodation. For more details see the recommendations in our itinerary.
Changes to the pilgrimage route according to individual wishes are possible, such as stage combinations for instance. Price on request.
Remember your identity card or passport.
We recommend - depending on the level of difficulty - to ensure that you are in good physical condition. Sure-footed mountaineering boots are also necessary. A head for heights is also advantageous.
Please note the current entry and health regulations and recommendations, according to which a corona vaccination is also essential.
Take a look at the health and entry regulations of your travel country.
There is no minimum number of participants.
The organizer of this trip is SLOWTRAVEL.