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„All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware." (Martin Buber)

Germany -

Travel with the Cargo ship to
Walvis Bay or Cape Town

Germany - Belgium -
Namibia - South Africa - Netherlands -
Belgium - Germany

from 95 EUR per day

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Explore the South Sea by
mail ship oboard the Aranui 5

East Polynesia
Marquesas Islands

from 3.020 EUR

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How do I find the right Freighter Travel for me?

On our Website we have an extensive selection of Freighter Travel routes around the world. Tell us, which route are you looking for:

  1. A Section or whole Round Trip?
    What is your preferred port of departure? / Where would you like to disembark? / Are you able to embark or disembark in one of the ports near by? / Are you interested in the opposite direction alternatively?
  2. When: 
    What is your earliest and latest date of departure? / Do you have a date until when you wish to arrive?
  3. Do you travel alone or with someone else? 

Freighter Travel - plan and explore your Cruise around the world

Careful planning is half of the booking

Cargo Ship Cruises are the most likely way to get from point A to point B on a low carbon dioxide level - for experiencing a freighter cruise around the world for instance. Some planning are necessary. Take your time and flexibility into your suitcase, accompanied by the required documents.

Freighter Travels do not start daily, but every few weeks or months. Popular routes such as those heading to South America or Australia should be booked as early as possible.

Freighter Travel for everybody

Travelling by freighter offers a good opportunity for people with fear of flying. They give an additional spirit to your sabbatical year or help people in special situations, such as after a burnout-syndrome to get the required break. Or for everyone who is aiming a more eco-friendly way of travelling.

Also for travellers who are emigrating to another country or coming back home. Freighter Travel is a fabulous and almost jet lag free way to reach your destination, finding your centre before reaching the other shore.

Exploring the slow side of life with Freighter Travels

Freighter Travel are much more than getting from one point to another. They are offering us one of our most precious values: time. Time – to rest. Time – to escape the stimulus satiation of our everyday life. Time – to work for instance on a thesis, a book or a project, which is important for you. And Time – to let go and let be.

What is the attraction of the horizontal wideness of freighter travel? What is the allured depth of the seemingly monotonous landscape of the sea on a Cargo Ship Cruise? The answer is as simple as deep: it is the switch from our fast moving daily routine to the unknown. Far away from mobiles and internet, away from time pressure and private commitments you will find a new way of calmness. It may sounds emotional, but this stopping process of calming down is one of the first steps of finding your inner peace.

Spending days of watching the diversity of the horizon and oceanic landscapes creates on hand an intoxicating, meditative feeling of freedom. On the other hand standing on deck it helps you to let the wind blow all your worries of your daily routine away.

While the rest of the world takes part on the daily game of efficiency, speed and peak performances, freighter travel will give you an authentic feeling of the widenes of the planet. Slowly destinations will come up and pass by. Travelling like this becomes a journey to the inner self. In the far distance we can get close to ourselves. Creativity will be set free and improve our well-being.

Everyday life on board

Your well-being will be provided on board. There is no need to feel a lack of comfort since most vessels have their own swimming pool and sauna. The comfortable furnished cabins are most of the time bigger than those at on a cruise ship. 

Who is in need of another way of spending your time and looking for sociability, you will find it. For example you can spend hours on the bridge and ask one of the friendly officers to explain you some of the technical equipment, or asking for advises considering your next excursion going ashore. You may join one of the sociable barbecue parties on the cargo ship with the whole crew, which take place once in a while. Or you may spend your time reading or watching movies, sunbathing on deck, meeting for a coffee with another passenger or if you want go to the sauna, to the gym or the swimming pool.

Stopover and Shore Leaves

Going ashore is usually and a wonderful change during your freighter travel. In most cases the shore leaves will take about 8-12 hours. But in some cases up to 2-3 days.

The flexible way of Travel

Being flexible is always required when you are planning to travel by freighter. When booking a freighter travel you will realise that already if you look at the arrival and departure dates. They are always estimated, which depend on the actual freight loaded in the ports and sometimes on the weather conditions as well.

In a world where everything is planned and available, this flexibility, this little unpredictable piece might be as well one of the reasons why travelling on a cargo ship is that delightful.