Aranui 5 South Sea Cruise

South pacific cruise from Tahiti through French Polynesia


South Sea Cruise aboard the Aranui 5

A remarkable cruise through French Polynesia, from Tahiti to the Marquesas Islands

The mail ship Aranui 5 in front of a South Seas panorama of the Marquesas island Fatuiva in French Polynesia with sea and green hills

Round trip (PO1-115):
Papeete/ Tahiti - Ua Pou/ Marquesas Archipel  -
Nuku Hiva - Ua Huka - Hiva Oa - Kokuu Beach -
Puamau - Tahuata - Fatu Hiva -
Apataki (or Rangiroa) - Papeete

Departures: monthly

Price: from 3.020 EUR

The Aranui 5 South Sea Cruiser is a combination of a cruise ship and a cargo ship.

Especially designed to offer all the comforts of a cruise ship while still being able to fulfill her role as a supply vessel. She sails from Tahiti to the Marquesas Islands in French Polynesia on a 12-day South Sea cruise that includes meals and excursions, while she delivers cargo, which drastically improves the CO2-footprint of these voyages. The Aranui 5 is classified as a small ship and has capacity for about 230 passengers in 103 cabins.

The Aranui has been a lifeline for the islanders for almost four decades, supplying them with everything that can´t be sourced on the islands. In this remote world, the arrival of the Aranui 5 is always awaited with excitement, since she represents an important link to the outside world. The longed-for deliveries - from sacks of sugar to sewing machines, sandals for the children to new pickup trucks - create a festive mood every time. Citrus fruits, fish and barrels full of noni juice are loaded up in return and shipped back to Papeete.

Here you can find a more comprehensive description of the Aranui 5 South Sea cruise:


Your South Seas cruise to the Marquesas Islands in French Polynesia

A land that has attracted famous adventurers, writers, artists and painters. A breathtaking landscape of majestic mountain peaks, deep valleys, lush green jungles, vast plateaus and impressive cliffs overlooking the ocean. A society of natives who cherish and maintain their own rich culture and language. The Marquesas Islands form their own very unique world, discover it on your Aranui 5 South Sea cruise!

Day 1: Departure from Papeete/Tahiti

Day 2: Fakarava

 View of Nuku Hiva Bay during Aranui 5 South Seas cruise

The second largest atoll in French Polynesia, a UNESCO biosphere reserve to protect rare species. An unspoiled natural landscape can be experienced on Fakarava, and the stunning lagoon and white sand beaches are home to a rich ecosystem of unique birds, plants and diverse marine life.

Aranui guests here have the opportunity to explore the small village of Rotoava, whose church was built from coral. In this charming place you can find diverse local crafts. For those who wish to visit the historic lighthouse at the airport, bicycle rental is available. Or you can simply sit back and enjoy the sun, sand, and swimming and snorkeling in the South Pacific ocean amidst the vibrant tropical fish life.

Day 3: At sea

Day 4 & 5: Hiva Oa (Puamau/Atuona) - Tahuata (Vaitahu/Kokuu)

Church on Tahuata on Aranui 5 South sea cruise to the Marquesas

Atuona, the largest village on Hiva Oa and the second largest in the entire Marquesas, was once the capital of the archipelago. After breakfast aboard the Aranui you travel to Puamau to view Mea'e Iipona, the region's most important archaeological site with its ancient, human-like stone figures (tiki). The Aranui guides will lead you through the mysterious ruins of Puamau and tell you the stories of the fabled statues and a bygone civilization. Back in Atuona, you will enjoy the view of the harbor during a walk up the hill where the cemetery with the graves of Paul Gauguin and Jacques Brel is located. Visit the Gauguin Museum, a replica of his "House of Joy," and also pay a visit to the Brel Museum. 

On the fifth day of your South Pacific cruise, visit Tahuata Island, the smallest inhabited island in the Marquesas.
The natives of Tahuata are known for their outstanding skill in carving tiki figures and jewelry. After lunch aboard the Aranui, you will have the afternoon to relax on a picturesque white sand beach and swim in the South Pacific.

Day 6 : Fatu Hiva (Omoa - Hanavave)

Baie des Vierges bay on Aranui 5 South Seas cruise to the Marquesas Islands, French Polynesia

Fatu Hiva is the most lush and remote island of the Marquesas that you will explore on your South Pacific vacation in French Polynesia. It is a center for arts and crafts and offers a wealth of cultural experiences.

In the village of Omoa, locals will show you how they make "tapa" by pounding the bark of trees on wooden blocks. This treated bark is carefully dried and then painted with ancient designs. You will also learn how the locals make kumuhei, which are typical bundles of herbs used by women to perfume their hair. The coconut oil monoi from Fatu Hiva is among the best of its kind and is world famous.

For adventurous Aranui passengers, there is the opportunity to walk the breathtaking 16 km route from Omoa to Hanavave, enjoying impressive views of steep cliffs and majestic waterfalls. A picnic lunch at the summit is the reward and highlight of this excursion. If hiking is not your thing, continue your journey on the Aranui 5 and reach Hanavave, the famous Bay of Virgins, one of the most beautiful places in the world. Here you can stroll through the village on land and watch the arrival of the hikers.

Day 7: Nuku Hiva (Taiohae - Hatiheu - Taipivai)

Marquesas dancer in folklore dress against dense jungle background, French Polynesia

Your South Pacific cruise takes you to the island of Nuku Hiva, the administrative center of the Marquesas. The picturesque village of Taiohae is located directly on the beach of a breathtaking bay, which stretches out like a huge volcanic amphitheater in front of the majestic mountains.

Your stay on Nuku Hiva during your Aranui cruise includes a guided tour of the impressive Notre Dame Church, the Tohua Kamuihei archaeological site, the gigantic stone platforms (paepae) on which houses were built and traditional songs and dances from Nuku Hiva. For lunch, a traditional Marquesas meal prepared in an underground oven, the umu, awaits you.

Day 8: Ua Huka (Vaipaee - Hane - Hokatu)

Bay on Ua Huka during the Aranui 5 South Seas cruise to the Marquesas Islands, French Polynesia

On Ua Huka, a less populated island in French Polynesia, the climate is arid and the wildlife is dominated by wild horses, goats and pigs. But this Marquesas island also holds unique treasures, like the home of two endemic bird species, the pati'oti'o and the pihiti, found nowhere else in the world. In the early morning hours, the Aranui performs an impressive point turn in the famous "Baie Invisible" of Vaipaee, a masterstroke by the captain and his crew, due to limited space. Another impressive performance during your South Sea cruise!

Afterwards, Aranui guests will continue the exploration by four-wheel drive vehicle and head to Hane. On the way, you will have the opportunity to visit the Botanical Garden, the Te Tumu Cultural Center with its small museum and the workshops of talented woodcarvers in the fishing village of Hokatu.

In Hane, the Marine Museum awaits, where you can learn more about the fascinating underwater world of the Marquesas and French Polynesia. A delicious Marquesas lunch will also be served here. In the afternoon there is the possibility of a relaxing hike on your South Pacific cruise.

Day 9: Ua Pou (Hakahau)

Basalt mountains on Ua Pou during the Aranui 5 South Sea cruise to the Marquesas Island, French Polynesia

During your South Seas cruise in the Marquesas, Ua Pou embodies the majestic pillars of this archipelago and is often referred to as the "Cathedral Island." Once the Aranui 5 docks in the picturesque bay of Hakahau, you'll understand why this name is so appropriate. The harbor is surrounded by twelve impressive basalt peaks, some of which tower over 1,000 meters. Each Marquesas island has its own unique atmosphere, Ua Pou is known for its mystical aura.

For those Aranui guests who are full of energy in the morning, there is an opportunity to take a hike to the summit cross. From there you can enjoy the breathtaking views of the valleys and villages. If you prefer a quieter pace, you can take a walk to the crafts center to be enchanted by an impressive dance performance, including Ua Pou's signature bird dance, before your Marquesan lunch. Your South Seas cruise to the Marquesas promises an unforgettable experience on this fascinating island.

Day 10: At sea

Day 11: Rangiroa (Otohu)

Coastal view during the Aranui 5 South Seas cruise to the Marquesas Islands, French Polynesia

Rangiroa, the largest atoll in French Polynesia, also known as "wide skies", attracts many visitors during their Aranui South Seas cruise due to its natural beauty and fascinating underwater worlds. This Marquesas island offers a true paradise for recreation seekers and adventurers alike.

In the lagoon of Rangiroa, you can experience unforgettable moments snorkeling or diving, surrounded by a colorful variety of fish. The majestic manta rays that inhabit the waters of this South Seas atoll are a highlight for nature lovers and divers alike.

In addition to wildlife, Rangiroa is also known for its stunning pearls in every shade imaginable. The intricate mother-of-pearl jewelry, made by talented local artisans, is a unique souvenir that will remind you of your South Pacific cruise.

During your stay in Rangiroa, you will have numerous opportunities to explore the breathtaking underwater world, swimming, snorkeling or diving, or admiring the colorful diversity from a glass-bottom boat. Towards the end of the year there´s even a chances to see whales. Your South Seas cruise will undoubtedly be enriched with unforgettable experiences by visiting Rangiroa.

Day 12 : Bora Bora (Vaitape)

View of rugged coastline during the Aranui 5 South Seas cruise to the Marquesas Islands, French Polynesia

Apart from Tahiti probably the most famous island in French Polynesia, Bora Bora impresses with its breathtaking lagoon. The majestic backdrop of the imposing mountain Otemanu, framed by the fascinating shades of blue and green, is an unforgettable highlight of your Aranui cruise in the South Pacific. This island is surrounded by a ring of enchanting islets called motus, whose palm-fringed white sand beaches will delight you.
In this perfect island paradise, a relaxing day awaits you on the beach of a private motu while the attentive crew prepares a delicious picnic of traditional Tahitian dishes for you. The afternoon is at leisure, and you can choose from a variety of optional excursions and activities. This gorgeous island is the final stop on your South Pacific cruise vacation and will undoubtedly be an unforgettable adventure amidst the natural beauty of the region.

Day 13 : Return to Tahiti (Papeete)

Ship & Cabin Details

South Sea Cruise aboard the Aranui 5

A remarkable cruise through French Polynesia, from Tahiti to the Marquesas Islands

Aranui 5

Flag: French
Year Built: 2014
average Speed: 15 knoth
Length: 413,4 feet
Breadth: 72,2 feet
Draught: 5,20 m
Freight Capacity: 2.300 to
Capacity: 254 passengers

Cargo and cruise ship Aranui 5 on supply route to the Marquesas Islands in French Polynesia

Ship Amenities

1 Restaurant, 2 Indoor Lounges, 2 Conference rooms, 1 Outdoor Lounge, 4 Bars, 1 Sky-Bar, 1 Gym, 1 Massage room, 1 Pool, 1 Gift shop,  2 Elevators

Cabin description

  • Dormitory:
    4 x 4-berths cabins (12,5 m²), 1 x 8-berths cabins (26,5 m²), shared facilities
  • Standard:
    Outside cabin (11 m²) with a porthole, private facilities with a shower, Safe, Flat screen TV
  • Deluxe:
    Outside cabin (13 m²) with private balcony,  private facilities with a shower, Safe, Flat screen TV, Refrigerator, Hair dryer
  • Superior Deluxe:
    Outside cabin (14,5 m²) with private balcony,  private facilities with a shower, Safe, Flat screen TV, Refrigerator, Hair dryer
  • Suite without balcony:
    Outside cabin (18 m²) private facilities with a shower, Safe, Flat screen TV, Refrigerator, Hair dryer
  • Premium Suite:
    Outside cabin (18 m²) with private balcony,  private facilities with a shower, Safe, Flat screen TV, Refrigerator, Hair dryer
  • Royal Suite:
    Outside cabin (22 m²) with private balcony,  private facilities with a shower, Safe, Flat screen TV, Refrigerator, Hair dryer
  • Presidential Suite:
    Outside cabin (41 m²) with private balcony,  private facilities with a shower, Safe, Flat screen TV, Refrigerator, Hair dryer
Dates & Fares 2023/24

South Sea Cruise aboard the Aranui 5

A remarkable cruise through French Polynesia, from Tahiti to the Marquesas Islands

Voyage #25: +15% Special Event / 1 day longer
Voyage Dates Notes
V21/2023 10/21/2023-11/01/2023  
V22/2023 11/04/2023-11/15/2023  
V23/2023 11/18/2023-11/29/2023  
V24/2023 12/02/2023-12/13/2023  
V25/2023 12/15/2023-12/26/2023  

Voyage N° Dates Notes
V1/2024 20.01.2024-31.01.2024 10% Low Season Discount
V2/2024 03.02.2024-14.02.2024 10% Low Season Discount
V4/2024 02.03.2024-13.03.2024 10% Low Season Discount
V5/2024 16.03.2023-27.03.2023 10% Low Season Discount
V7/2024 13.04.2023-24.04.2023  
V8/2024 04.04.2024-15.05.2023  
V9/2024 18.05.2024-29.05.2024  
V10/2024 01.06.2024-12.06.2023  
V11/2024 15.06.2024-26.06.2024  
V15/2024 17.08.2024-28.08.2024  
V16/2024 31.08.2024-11.09.2024  
V17/2023 14.09.2024-25.09.2024  
V18/2024 05.10.2024-16.10.2024  
V19/2024 19.10.2024-30.10.2024  
V21/2024 16.11.2024-27.11.2024  
V22/2024 30.11.2024-11.12.2024  
V23/2024 16.12.2024-27.12.2024  

Fares 2023 - Marquesas Voyages - 12 days

plus atmosfair CO2-Offset (23 €/t CO2)
Suites & Cabins Fare p.p. (including all taxes)
Dormitory 3,020.78 €
Standard/obstructed view (Child 3 - 15 years) 2,419.91 €
Standard/obstructed view (Single) 6,826.67 €
Standard/obstructed view (Double) 4,622.77 €
Standard (Child 3 - 15 years) 2,534.86 €
Standard (1 berth) 6,707.54 €
Standard (Double - Single Occupancy) 7,171.52 €
Standard (Double) 4,853.71 €
Deluxe (Child 3 - 15 years) 2,944.50 €
Deluxe (Single) 8,401.49 €
Deluxe (Double) 5,672.99 €
Superior Deluxe (Child 3 - 15 years) 3,171.26 €
Superior Deluxe (Single) 9,079.69 €
Superior Deluxe (Double) 6,125.48 €
Suite Junior without Balcony (Child 3 - 15 years) 3,278.90 €
Suite Junior without Balcony (Single) 9,404.69 €
Suite Junior without Balcony (Double) 6,341.79 €
Premium Suite (Child 3 - 15 years) 3,409.52 €
Premium Suite (Single) 9,796.56 €
Premium Suite (Double) 6,603.04 €
Royal Suite/obstructed view (Child 3 - 15 years) 3,564.18 €
Royal Suite/obstructed view (Single) 10,258.45 €
Royal Suite/obstructed view (Double) 6,911.32 €
Royal Suite (Child 3 - 15 years) 3,714.66 €
Royal Suite (Single) 10,710.94 €
Royal Suite (Double) 7,212.28 €
Presidential Suite (Child 3 - 15 years) 4,675.02 €
Presidential Suite (Single) 13,592.00 €
Presidential Suite (Double) 9,134.03 €

Fares 2024 - Marquesas Voyages

einschl. atmosfair CO2-Kompensation (23 €/to CO2)
Cabin Type Fare p.p. (incl. taxes & fees)
Multi-bed cabin 3.314,03 €
Standard/obstructed view (double) 5.012,15 €
Standard/obstructed view (children 3-15 years) 2.676,58 €
Standard/obstructed view (Doppelkabine als Einzel) 7.347,73 €
Standard (single) 6.329,70 €
Standard (double) 5.256,68 €
Standard (children 3-15 years) 2.798,84 €
Standard (single use double) 7.222,95 €
Deluxe (double) 6.234,80 €
Deluxe (children 3-15 years) 3.287,90 €
Deluxe (single) 9.181,70 €
Superior Deluxe (double) 6.722,82 €
Superior Deluxe (children 3-15 years) 3.531,91 €
Superior Deluxe (single) 9.913,72 €
Suite Junior no balcony (double) 6.956,90 €
Suite Junior no balcony (children 3-15 years) 3.648,95 €
Suite Junior no balcony (single) 10.264,84 €
Premium Suite (double) 7.239,05 €
Premium Suite (children 3-15 years) 3.790,02 €
Premium Suite (single) 10.688,07 €
Royal Suite/obstructed view (double) 7.572,40 €
Royal Suite/obstructed view Sicht (children 3-15 years) 3.956,70 €
Royal Suite/obstructed view (single) 11.188,10 €
Royal Suite (double) 7.897,40 €
Royal Suite (children 3-15 years) 4.119,20 €
Royal Suite (single) 11.675,59 €
Presidential Suite (double) 9.972,77 €
Presidential Suite (children 3-15 years) 5.156,88 €
Presidential Suite (single) 14.788,65 €
Dates & Fares 2025

South Sea Cruise aboard the Aranui 5

A remarkable cruise through French Polynesia, from Tahiti to the Marquesas Islands

Voyage N° Dates Notes
V1/2025 22.02.2025-05.03.2025 10% Low Season Discount
V2/2025 08.03.2025-19.03.2025  
V3/2025 22.03.2025-17.04.2025  
V5/2025 19.04.2025-30.04.2025  
V6/2025 03.05.2025-14.05.2025  
V7/2025 17.05.2025-28.05.2025  
V8/2025 31.05.2025-11.06.2025 10% Senior Discount
V9/2025 14.06.2025-25.06.2025  
V10/2025 28.06.2025-09.07.2025  
V11/2025 12.07.2025-23.07.2025  
V12/2025 26.07.2025-06.08.2025  
V13/2025 09.08.2025-20.08.2025  
V14/2025 23.08.2025-03.09.2025  
V16/2025 20.09.2025-01.10.2025  
V17/2025 04.10.2025-15.10.2025  
V18/2025 18.10.2025-29.10.2025  
V20/2025 15.11.2025-26.11.2025  
V21/2025 29.11.2025-10.12.2025  
V22/2025 15.12.2025-26.12.2025 Marquesas Arts Festival