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Freighter travel route New Zealand - Pitcairn

New Zealand - Pitcairn

Travel to Pitcairn
by Supply Ship

Tauranga -
Mangareva -

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South pacific Islands Freighter travel route with the Aranui 5

French Polynesia

Explore the South Sea by
mail ship aboard the Aranui 5

East Polynesia,
Marquesas Islands

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The Aranui 5 is a unique cross between cruise- and cargo ship.

The Aranui 5 South Sea Cruiser is a unique blend of cruise and cargo ship. It's purposefully designed to provide passengers with all the luxuries of a cruise ship while efficiently fulfilling its role as a cargo ship. Its route takes it from Tahiti to the Marquesas Islands in French Polynesia, offering a 12-day South Sea cruise experience complete with meals and excursions.
Along the way, the ship carries essential cargo, significantly reducing the CO2 footprint of the passengers. Classified as a small ship, the Aranui 5 can accommodate approximately 230 passengers across its 103 cabins.

For nearly four decades, the Aranui 5 has served as a lifeline for the islanders, delivering goods that are otherwise unavailable on the remote islands. The arrival of the Aranui 5 is a highly anticipated event in these isolated communities, as it is an important connection to the outside world. The eagerly awaited deliveries, ranging from necessities like sugar and sewing machines to children's sandals and new pickup trucks, bring a sense of celebration each time the ship docks. In return, the Aranui is loaded with citrus fruits, fish, and barrels brimming with noni juice before heading back to Papeete, completing the cycle of supply and trade.

The remote Pitcairn Islands in the middle of the Pacifi Ocean

Inhabited by the direct descendants of the first European settlers on Pitcairn, the mutineers of the HMAV Bounty, and their Polynesian companions. With a total population of only 50 and their location near the centre of the world's largest ocean, the remoteness of the Pitcairn Islands is truly impressive. The archipelago is located some 2,200 km from Tahiti, 2,100 km from Easter Island and over 5,000 km from both New Zealand and South America.

Highlights of a visit to Pitcairn include a legendary sea voyage, stargazing at the "International Dark Sky Sanctuary" Mata Ki Te Rangi, exploring the world's third largest marine sanctuary and first-hand insights into its vibrant history and culture.
A visit to these legendary islands allows for unique experiences few others have had: pristine subtropical islands, crystal clear waters, endemic flora, birds and marine life, an unforgettable sea voyage and exceptional hospitality.