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South America - South Africa


Argentina - Antarctica - South Georgia - Tristan da Cunha - South Africa

With the Bark Europa Trip from Cape Hoorn to Cape Town

52-day Sailing Trip (EX2-542):

Ushuaia/ Argentina - Drake Passage - Antarctica - South Georgia - Tristan de Cunha - Cape Town/ South Africa


Antarctica is one of the oldest continents on Earth and the last big wilderness on our planet. The fascinating beauty and its biodiversity will leave an indelible impression and lasting memories of an experience few can claim. The ship sails a route set forth by intrepid explorers over the last centuries.

Your first impression of Antarctica will live firmly with you, no matter what the weather or time of day, as the landscape remains ethereal and light - even as the sun dips below the horizon.

Ship & Cabin Details

Argentina - Antarctica - South Georgia - Tristan da Cunha - South Africa

With the Bark Europa Trip from Cape Hoorn to Cape Town

Bark Europa

Shipping company: Rederij Bark Europa
Year Built: 1911
Length: 183ft 8in
Breadth: 24ft 5in
Draught: 12ft 9in
Sailing area: 13455 sq ft
Fuel: 5284 gallons
Water: 264 gallons
Capacity: 48 Passengers

The Bark Europa is a sail training ship. That means, that the passengers of the sailing trip are part of the crew. They get detailed safety instructions. The participation in the daily life on board depends on the interest of each passenger. The permanent crew will lead and help you with your tasks. Among other things, you will learn how to navigate and steer a ship, how to set sails and how to keep watch. Sailing experience is not necessary. While sailing through the Drake Passage your participation is assumed as well. You will see that "teamwork" is the key to an unforgettable sailing adventure. Being involved below decks or from the sailing and navigational side only makes the “Total” experience so much richer and rewarding. But for those who chose the flexibility of a sailing yacht, you can also just sit back and relax, your on holidays! The Bark Europa has library, a lounge, a poker corner and a deckhouse. It is equipped with a DVD- and CD-Player and radio. Most of the permanent crew is Dutch. The common language on board is English.

Cabin Facilities

On board of the Bark Europa there are four 2-person cabins, four 4-person cabins and four 6-person cabins. Each bunk has a blanket and bedlinen. Own bedrolls are therefore not necessary. Towels are also provided. All cabins have their private bathroom and WC. 

Dates, Fares & Services

Argentina - Antarctica - South Georgia - Tristan da Cunha - South Africa

With the Bark Europa Trip from Cape Hoorn to Cape Town

Dates & Fares per Person 2023

insl. atmosfair CO2-Offset (23 €/t CO2)
excl. landing fees
Ushuaia/ Argentina – Antarctica – South Georgia – Tristan da Cunha – Cape Town/ South AfricaMar 09 - Apr 29 202313,040 €14,995 €52 days

Specific Advices

To confirm a booking:

  • 30% of payment will be required at time of booking
  • 50% six months prior to departure
  • 20% 45 days prior to departure

Included within the price:

  • Accommodation within the booked cabin.
  • Food and beverages (coffee and tea).
  • Linen: Synthetic duvet and cover, pillow, pillow case and towel.
  • All port entry, exit and landing fees whilst on board.
  • Washing machine (utilisation limited).
  • Use of communication equipment, satellite phone and email (does not include transmission costs: please see communications agreement).
  • 220v AC for charging electronics (such as computer, cell phone, camera, iPod, etc.)  please check your owner’s manual for specifics.
  • Diesel and consumables for yacht and inflatable zodiac operations.
  • CO2-Offset via atmosfair.

Not included:

  • Landing fee South Georgia (when starting the trip in Montevideo), in 2015: 185,- GBP per person
  • Rubber Boots, sailing and shore hiking boots.
  • Clothing (water- and wind resistant): thermals, mid layers, gloves and hats.
  • Sleeping bag if required for shore activities.
  • Specific food for onshore expeditions.
  • Beverages from the bar.
  • Personal medical supplies.
  • Binoculars, photo and video camera.
  • Transmission costs for satellite phone calls and email connections (see communication agreement).
  • Travel costs to and from port of departure and arrival.
  • Travel insurance for remote areas.
  • Travel cancelation insurance.

Explanatory Advices

Weather and ice conditions are a constant changing parameter, and are an integral part of travelling in the South. Depending on the conditions at the time, the itinerary may be adapted accordingly to maximise the experience for everyone on board and to ensure the safety of the vessel and personnel.

The Agency 'SLOWTRAVEL experience' is not the organizer, rather the agent of this travel. Therefore the Terms & Conditions of the Shipping Company are applicable.

For further informations please do not hesitate to contact us. Changes and errors excepted!