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SV Eye of the Wind

Ship description
Eye of the Wind Sailing Vessel

The first 50 years the Eye of the Wind was used mainly in the North Sea and Baltic Sea. In the 1970ies the vessel was completely restored after a fire. She crossed the world many times as a sailing school ship and featured in several major Hollywood productions including the adventure film “Blue Lagoon” (1980). Since 2009 passengers of Eye of the Wind can marvel how 750 sqm sail area is operated according to the concept of traditional seamanship.

Technical Details

Year Built:1911
Shipyard:C. H. Lühring Werft, Brake, Germany
Length overall:40.23 m (132 ft)
Breadth:7.01 m (23 ft)
Draft:2.70 m (8.9 ft)
Sail area:750 sq m (8000 sq ft)
Main engine:600 HP
Speed:approx. 8 knots
Cabins:6 passenger cabins (12 berth)  / 4 crew-cabins (10 berth)
Participants:max. 12 

Cabin Facilities

  • 6 double cabins with 2 bunks each and air condition, bathroom with toilet, shower.
  • Linen and towels are provided.
  • Standard power connection: 230 Volt
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Dates & Prices


incl. atmosfair CO2 compensation (23 €/to CO2)
Dates Route Price from Route-Nr.
02/18/2024-02/29/2024 Marigot/ St. Martin - Miles of ocean! Atlantic cruise from St. Martin to Bermuda - St. George's/ Bermuda 2,420 € SR6-4667
12/20/2024-12/27/2024 Christmas-Caribbean-Feeling! Bridgetown/ Barbados - St. George's/ Grenada 2,590 € SR06-466H
12/27/2024-01/03/2025 New Year's Eve -Sailing - visiting the Lesser Antilles! St. George's/ Grenada - Scarborough/ Tobago 2,590 € SR06-466I

Northern Europe

incl. atmosfair CO2 compensation (23 €/to CO2)
Dates Route Price from Route-Nr.
04/09/2024-04/17/2024 Brest/ France - Sailing in tidal waters: English Channel and Noordzeekanaal - Amsterdam 2,720 € SR6-4112
04/17/2024-04/23/2024 Amsterdam - Spring sailing: IJsselmeer, Wadden Sea and Wesermarsch - Elsfleth/ Germany 2,040 € SR6-4113
06/08/2024-06/15/2024 Round trip: from/ to Kiel 2,390 € SR06-411F
06/15/2024-06/21/2024 Discovering the Baltic Sea: from/ to Kiel 2,040 € SR06-411G
07/02/2024-07/11/2024 100% Baltic Sea – Germany & Denmark: Kiel - Aalborg/ Denmark 3,330 € SR06-411H
07/11/2024-07/20/2024 Sailing Experience between Denmark and Scotland: Across the Lim Fjord and 400 miles across the North Sea, Aalborg/ Denmark - Inverness/ Scotland 3,330 € SR06-411I
07/20/2024-07/27/2024 Beautiful Scotland: Loch Ness and the southern Hebrides. Inverness/ Scotland - Oban/ Schottland 2,590 € SR06-411J
07/27/2024-08/03/2024 Fjords & Islands, Discovery sailing around Mull, Islay and the Isle of Arran: Oban/ Scotland - Greenock/ Scotland 2,590 € SR06-411K
08/03/2024-08/10/2024 Scotlands most beautiful side, through the Firth of Clyde to the West Coast: Greenock/ Scotland - Oban/ Scotland 2,590 € SR06-411L
08/10/2024-08/17/2024 Atlantic wind & whiskey, sailing along the Isles of Hebrides: from/ to Oban/ Scotland 2,590 € SR06-411M
08/17/2024-08/24/2024 Beautiful Scotland, Loch Ness and the southern Hebrides: Oban/ Scotland - Inverness/ Scotland 2,590 € SR06-411N
08/24/2024-09/02/2024 57 degree north, North Sea Sailing from Scotland to Sweden, from Moray Firth to the archipelago of West Sweden: Inverness/ Scotland - Goeteborg 3,330 € SR06-411O
09/02/2024-09/09/2024 100% Scandinavia, Western Sweden: from/ to Goeteborg 2,590 € SR06-411P
09/09/2024-09/17/2024 100% Baltic Sea Sailing: Goeteborg - Kiel 2,960 € SR06-411Q
09/30/2024-10/07/2024 North Sea Wind, Sailing along the Friesland Islands: Wilhelmshaven - Amsterdam 2,590 € SR06-411R
10/07/2024-10/14/2024 Across the "Channel" to Britania: Amsterdam - Brest/ France 2,590 € SR06-411S
10/14/2024-10/21/2024 Gulf of Biskaya, from Bretania to Galicia: Brest/ France - A Coruña/ Spain 2,590 € SR06-411T
10/22/2024-10/29/2024 Along the portuguese Coast, from Galicia to Andalucia: A Coruña/ Spain - Cadiz/ Spain 2,590 € SR06-411U

Atlantic Crossing

incl. atmosfair CO2 compensation (23 €/to CO2)
Dates Route Price from Route-Nr.
03/02/2024-03/22/2024 Atlantic crossing! St. George's/ Bermuda - Azores 4,400 € SR6-4161
03/02/2024-04/08/2024 St. George's/ Bermuda - Horta/ Azores - Brest/ France 7,480 € SR6-4163
03/25/2024-04/08/2024 Atlantic Adventure! Bretagne - Horta Azores - Brest/ France 3,080 € SR6-4111
11/19/2024-12/19/2024 Trans-Atlantic Adventure: Tenerife - Barbados 7,500 € SR06-416E

European Atlantic

incl. atmosfair CO2 compensation (23 €/to CO2)
Dates Route Price from Route-Nr.
03/25/2024-04/08/2024 European Atlantic Adventure! Course to Brittany: Horta (Azores), Portugal Brest, France - Brest/ France" 3,080 € SR06-411A
10/14/2024-10/21/2024 Gulf of Biskaya: From Bretania to Galicia: Brest/ France - A Coruña/ Spain 2,590 € SR06-411B
10/22/2024-10/29/2024 Along the portuguese Coast: From Galicia to Andalucia: A Coruña/ Spain - Cadiz/ Spain 2,590 € SR06-411C
10/31/2024-11/09/2024 On course to the Canary Islands: Cadiz - Lanzarote 3,330 € SR06-411D
11/09/2024-11/16/2024 Volcanic Islands in the Atlantic: Lanzarote - Tenerife 2,590 € SR06-411E

For booking your Sailing Voyage with the SV Eye of the Wind, please send back the following documents (see the links for the pdf-files) filled-out and signed best by email:

  • Booking Form
  • Passport: send us a copy of your passport valid at least six months counting from voyage commencement.

After receiving your booking forms, we will send you the booking confirmation and invoice whereupon a deposit of 50% is due. The balance is payable until 3 months prior departure. If you pay from outside the EURO-zone, paying by credit card might be the cheapest option. But still we have to charge a non-refundable credit card fee of 2.5%.

Further Documents required not later than 30 days prior departure (without those it will not be possible for the skipper to accept you for the expedition):

For further details we refer to the Terms & Conditions.

Please note that on Atlantic crossings from east to west or west to east we will sail all day and night, service will be reduced and guests onboard are count as part of the crew, who can support the professional crew in all nautical duties, such as night watch for instance. By the time the sea can sometimes be rough a sufficient physical fitness is a prerequisite. Sailing experience is an advantage but not required.  
You will travel on a modern Sailing Vessel. Please keep in mind that safety first is the highest priority for all sailors on board. For this reason the exact route cannot be predicted and has to be adjusted by the captain/ skipper continuously according to the conditions - for the well-being of the whole team. Possible stops during the voyage will be a result of the route and the timing conditions. The last decision is in the hand of the captain. Depending on the wind, weather, and ship conditions the departure and duration of the crossing (including possible stops) may vary without any compensation claims from both sides. For the flight back please consider a time buffer of at least 3 days or buy a flexible flight ticket. 
On a crossing trip the vessel has to be sailed within a specific time frame from A to B. This means that the engine may need to be used in case of lack of wind. 
We inform you herewith that possible pre-existing illnesses have to be communicated before departure. The guest on board need to be in the condition to move independently on the ship in case of rolling conditions and if necessary getting into a rescue boat with no help. Access to the cabin will be through steep stairs or steps. Therefore please note that the captain has the right of not accepting passengers on board with no claim of compensation if the physical or psychological condition seems to insufficient or if previous statement were incorrect.