Sailing the Pacific Ocean

South America - French Polynesia - Fiji - New Caledonia


Argentina - Easter Islands - Tahiti - Vanuatu - New Caledonia - Falklands

With the Bark Europa from Ushuaia to French Polynesia and back to Port Stanley

Pacific Crossing:

  • Ushuaia/ Argentina - Talcahuano/ Chile
  • Talcahuano - Easter Island/ Chile
  • Easter Island - Pitcairn - Gambieri Islands - Tahiti
  • Tahiti - Tonga - Fiji
  • Fiji - Vanuatu - New Caledonia
  • New Caledonia - Cape Horn - Falkland Islands

* Please note that the above travel fees do not include landing fees/tourist visas, which will be charged separately.
Dates Route Price from Route-Nr.
04/24 - 05/16/2024 Talcahuano/ Chile - Easter Islands/ Rapa Nui/ Chile "The start of our Pacific adventure" 4,830 € EX02-4551
05/17 - 06/30/2024 Easter Islands/ Rapa Nui/ Chile - Pitcairn - Gambieri Islands - Papeete/ Tahiti "Discover remote pacific Islands" 9,675 € EX02-4351
07/03 - 08/07/2024 Tahiti - Tonga - Fiji "Immerse yourself in the rich Polynesian culture" 7,525 € EX02-4331
08/10 - 09/03/2024 Fiji - Vanuatu - New Caledonia "Sail among the pristine islands of the South Pacific" 5,250 € EX02-4332
09/06 - 10/31/2024 New Caledonia - Cape Horn - Port Stanley/ Falkland Islands 9,968 € EX02-4352

Pacific sailing voyages

As you sail the vastness of the Pacific Ocean, the main focus is to discover the hidden gems of remote islands, each with its own unique traditions and stunning landscapes. The Bark Europa crew strives to fully immerse themselves in the rich diversity of local cultures on each visited island.

After exploring the enchanting wonders of New Caledonia, we set course southeast and embark on an epic sailing odyssey that will take us to the famous Cape Horn before returning to South America. This special voyage requires the expertise and dedication of hard-working men and women willing to join us as we officially round Cape Horn and sail from 50 degrees South in the Pacific to 50 degrees South in the Atlantic. We expect bookings for this remarkable voyage to begin this year.

Booking several consecutive voyages:

Guests are welcome to book more than one Pacific voyage; however, they should bear in mind that we have a maximum stay of 3 months on board. After this time on board, it is good to stretch your legs, rest after a long period of irregular sleep and explore the surroundings of the place where you leave the ship.

Please note that all guests who have booked multiple voyages will need to arrange accommodation ashore between voyages unless otherwise stated.

Ship & Cabin Details

Argentina - Easter Islands - Tahiti - Vanuatu - New Caledonia - Falklands

With the Bark Europa from Ushuaia to French Polynesia and back to Port Stanley

The Bark Europa is a training ship. The passengers on the voyage are therefore considered part of the crew and receive detailed safety instructions. Depending on your interest and condition, you will be deployed on board. The permanent crew will be there to help and advise you. For example, you can assist with navigation, set sails, steer the ship or support the crew on watch. Sailing experience is not required. Your assistance is also required when crossing the Drake Passage.
You will quickly understand that teamwork is the key to a unique sailing adventure. However, the barque Europa also invites its passengers to relax. The ship is ideally equipped for longer sea voyages. It has a library, a lounge, a poker area and a lounge, the deckhouse. There is also a DVD and CD player and radio on board. The majority of the crew is Dutch, but English is predominantly spoken on board.

Cabin Facilities

On board of the Bark Europa there are four 2-person cabins, four 4-person cabins and four 6-person cabins. Each bunk has a blanket and bedlinen. Own bedrolls are therefore not necessary. Towels are also provided. All cabins have their private bathroom and WC. 

Booking & Services

Argentina - Easter Islands - Tahiti - Vanuatu - New Caledonia - Falklands

With the Bark Europa from Ushuaia to French Polynesia and back to Port Stanley

Notes on health declaration, meals and cabins by Bark Europa crew:

The barque EUROPA has only 3 two-person cabins. The two-person cabins are of the same standard as the shared cabins and offer no additional luxury or space. The extra privacy is the main advantage. If two-person cabins are sold out and two sailors book a shared cabin instead, they can note their preference for a private cabin so we can contact them in case of cancellation. 
Meals on board are non-vegetarian or vegetarian. Due to the limited size of our galley and storage space, all other meal requests and allergies must first be cleared with our chef before we can confirm a booking.
A vegan diet cannot be accommodated on board Europa.
Good health is extremely important when travelling on a sailing and touring vessel in remote areas where there is no additional medical care. Safety is our first priority. In addition to the health declaration on the booking form, we ask our sailors aged 65 and over to provide a declaration signed by their doctor.
Our Pacific cruises are not bookable for sailors aged 73 and over.
The information provided in the health declaration is to inform the captain and/or the ship's doctor on your voyage. We therefore expect you to keep these details correct and to inform us of any changes between booking and embarkation. 
Pregnant women and diabetics cannot travel with the EUROPA. In the case of bookings by sailors who are taking heart medication or blood thinners or who have had treatment that has affected their immune system in recent years, we must first seek the advice of our team of ship's doctors.

We look forward to working with you on our sailing adventures in the Pacific!

Sailing trip Bark Europa - Specific Notes

To confirm a booking:

  • 30% of payment will be required at time of booking
  • 50% six months prior to departure
  • 20% 45 days prior to departure

Included within the price:

  • Accommodation within the booked cabin.
  • Food and beverages (coffee and tea).
  • Linen: Synthetic duvet and cover, pillow, pillow case and towel.
  • All port entry, exit and landing fees whilst on board.
  • Washing machine (utilisation limited).
  • Use of communication equipment, satellite phone and email (does not include transmission costs: please see communications agreement).
  • 220v AC for charging electronics (such as computer, cell phone, camera, iPod, etc.)  please check your owner’s manual for specifics.
  • Diesel and consumables for yacht and inflatable zodiac operations.
  • CO2-Offset via atmosfair.

Not included:

  • Landing fees, i.e. South Georgia and Falkland Islands
  • Rubber Boots, sailing and shore hiking boots, clothing (water- and wind resistant): thermals, mid layers, gloves and hats.
  • Sleeping bag if required for shore activities.
  • Specific food for onshore expeditions, beverages from the bar.
  • Personal medical supplies.
  • Binoculars, photo and video camera.
  • Transmission costs for satellite phone calls and email connections (see communication agreement).
  • Travel costs to and from port of departure and arrival, travel insurance for remote areas, travel cancelation insurance.


Weather and ice conditions are a constant changing parameter, and are an integral part of travelling in the South. Depending on the conditions at the time, the itinerary may be adapted accordingly to maximise the experience for everyone on board and to ensure the safety of the vessel and personnel.

The Agency 'SLOWTRAVEL experience' is not the organizer, rather the agent of this travel. Therefore the Terms & Conditions of the Shipping Company are applicable.

For further informations please do not hesitate to contact us. Changes and errors excepted!