Sustainable and Conscious Travel

Sailing, Freighter Travel, Way of St. James


The traditional Camino de Santiago
in France, Spain & Portugal

Classic French Camino &
Portuguese interior and coastal Caminos

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Sailing Trips

Sailing Trips

The very unique Sailing trips
around the world

Shipping routes
North Europe, South Europe, Atlantic crossing, Caribbean, Argentina, Chile & Antarctica

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Expedition Sailings

Expedition trips to destinations
you would never get to with a Cruise

Shipping routes
Antarctica, Chile, Cape Horn,
South Africa

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Freighter Travel

Travel by cargo ship -
areas currently very limited

Shipping routes
Europe - Africa

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Mail Ship Travel

Experience isolated places
in the South Sea on board of the Aranui 5

Shipping routes
French Polynesia

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Adventure Travel

Experience the
amazon rainforest

Brasil - Peru - Columbia

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"Traveller, there is no path, the path is made by walking." (Antonio Machado)

"Traveler, there is no path - paths are created by walking them." (Antonio Machado)

Traveling slowly and sustainably is the art of moving from any place in the world to another, finding an openness to the present moment where life reveals itself in all its fullness.

Be it in the encounters along the way, with experiences in nature, or through surprising discoveries in unfamiliar surroundings. For this kind of sustainable travel, Langsamreisen offers selected sailing ship, cargo ship, mail ship and pilgrimage tours.Before the pandemic, many destinations in the world could be reached without airplanes by combining these modes of transport. Unfortunately, passenger carriage on cargo ships continues to be severely restricted, as shipping companies thus want to protect their crew and thus their main business, the cargo.

Wherever travelers are located, whether due to a trip around the world or their actual place of residence, we would like to offer these people an alternative to traveling by plane or cruise ship and show how diverse the possibilities are to travel more sustainably. In terms of sustainability in tourism, it is our concern to make our offer ecologically and socially responsible.

Compared to cruises or air travel, our CO2 emissions are already very low, which is why we are obligated to compensate 100 percent through atmosfair climate protection projects. In addition, our types of travel, such as cargo, mail and sailing ship trips, also offer all people with a fear of flying an alternative, for example, to take the time to travel far away after treatment of a burnout or as part of a sabbatical.

Sustainable tourism or sustainable travel consequently includes all aspects of our inner as well as outer nature.

Since 2015, after extensive experience in the field of slow, sustainable and conscious travel, we also offer slowtravel coaching. This approach is dedicated to how we approach our travel dreams in a sustainable way.