Freighter Voyage

Europe to

Europe -
South America

Passengers on Freighters to
Buenos Aires, Lima or Valparaiso

Shipping routes
Argentina, Uruguay,
Brasil, Venezuela, Colombia,
Ecuador, Peru, Chile

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Europe -
North & Central America

Passengers on Freighters to
Charleston, Los Angeles or Veracruz

Shipping routes
Canada, USA, Mexico,
Guatemala, Costa Rica, Panama

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Europe -

A freighter cruise for passengers
from Hamburg to Cape Town

Shipping route
Germany - Belgium - Namibia -
South Africa - Netherlands - Germany

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Round Trips with a Freighter
within the North and South of Europe

Shipping Routes
Baltic States, Scandinavia, Russia
Irland, Portugal, Spain and the Canaries

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Under these links you will find all possible freighter travels that start in Europe and go either to Asia, Australia, Africa, South America, Central America and North America.

There are also several freighter travels within Europe, for example to the Baltic area; to Sweden, Finland, Ireland or Spain, Portugal, Greece and Turkey.

The freighter travels to Asia include connections to Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, South Korea and Japan.

Recently there is again a direct connection via Suez canal from Europe to Australia that you can travel by cargo ship. You can choose to disembark either in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide or Fremantle (close to Perth).

To reach New Zealand we suggest to travel via Asia or North America and change there to another cargo ship.

If you want to experience the Atlantic completely alongside the west coast of Africa from north to south, you can do so by freighter travel. Just embark in Hamburg/ Germany or Antwerp/ Belgium and go to Walvis Bay/ Namibia or further south to Cape Town/ South Africa.

From Europe to South America there are a lot of suitable freighter journeys. You can choose between starting from southern or northern Europe. Almost every destiny on either the east or the west coast can be reached. The east coast containes the South, meaning Buenos Aires/ Argentina, Montevideo/ Uruguay and Brazilian cities like Suape, Rio de Janeiro, Santos (close to Sao Paulo), Rio Grande, Navegantes and Itapoa.

Connections to the north of the east coast of South America exist to Natal, Belem and Fortaleza/ Brazil, as well as French Guyana and Trinidad & Tobago, directly located offshore of Venezuela. A perfect place to dismbark, if you intend to reach Venezuela, as it is easy to go there by ferry boat.

Freighter travels are also possible to Central America, such as Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Panama, Mexico and Philipsburg/ Netherlands Antilles.

While Mexico and Netherlands Antilles are being served quite regulary, freighter travels to the other mentioned regions are less stable. Besides, there are freighter trips to Martinique, Guadeloupe or the Bahamas once in a while.

Last but not least Canada and the USA are well served destinies, too. In particular there is a regular service to the east coast of the USA to Charleston/ Georgia. Additionally it is possible with a freighter travel to reach the west coast of the USA by sailing through the Panama Canal and embark in Los Angeles, San Francisco and further north to Vancouver/ Canada.

All freighter journeys can be realised as round trips, too!