Freighter Travel

Northern Europe round trip/ one way


Belgium - Finland

Freighter travel in northern Europe

8-day round trip:
Antwerp/ Belgium - Hanko/ Finland - Rauma/ Finland - Antwerp 
Price: from 940 EUR

5-day One Way trip (both directions):
Antwerp - Hanko - Rauma 
Price: from 600 EUR

Departures: weekly
Vehicle transport from 500 EUR

Cargo ship travel in Northern Europe

Finland means endless forests, countless lakes and untouched nature. Hanko is located southwest of Helsinki and is nestled in the breathtaking landscape of southern Finland. Rauma, located in the southwest of the country on the Gulf of Bothnia, is the third oldest city in Finland and is known for its beautiful and well-preserved wooden old town.

There is one departure a week, usually every Friday from Antwerp, returning the following Saturday, also in Antwerp. Parking is available at the same terminal in Antwerp and there is a free parking lot on the terminal grounds.
It is possible to take your vehicle with you on this cargo ship route! 
E-bikes - just like normal bicycles - are carried free of charge, but only for one-way crossings. It is not possible to take the bike on a round trip to use it for shore leave in the harbours.

No more Covid-19 vaccinations or other measures are required for this freighter voyage.

Ship & Cabin Details

Belgium - Finland

Freighter travel in northern Europe

Flag: Netherlands
Shipping company: Netherlands
Year built: 2007
Ship size: 17.611 tdw
Length: 205 m
Width: 25,5 m
On-board voltage: 220 V

Air conditioning, fitness room, sauna, mess and lounge for passengers with video/DVD and TV available. Stabilizers. Currency on board is EUR.
Age limit 80 years (no exceptions).


Space for up to 8 passengers in 4 bunk bed cabins "Standard":
Shower/WC. Table, 2-seater sofa, chair, refrigerator, open wardrobe, drawer storage space. Superstructure deck. Unobstructed view.


Belgium - Finland

Freighter travel in northern Europe

General Notes

Depending on the particular cargo loaded, changes or variations may be possible. As a rule of thumb, three days of delay per week of travelling are to be accepted. Minor modifications and shifts can be expected.

Your passport needs to be valid for at least six months counting from voyage commencement. 

The agency 'SLOWTRAVEL experience' is not the operator, rather the agent of this travel. Therefore the terms & conditions of the shipping company is applicable. For further information please do not hesitate to contact us either by phone or by email.

Covid-19 regulations:

No Covid19 vaccination required. 
Upon embarkation, you might be required to present a negative rapid antigen test that you have performed yourself on the day of departure.