Sailing Expedition

Expeditions-Downloads and Checklists

For booking your Sailing Expedtion with the Bark Europa, please send back the following documents (see the links for the pdf-files) filled-out and signed best by email or fax:

  • Booking FormOnly booking forms that include full personal details and health statement will be processed to complete booking.
  • Passport: send us a copy of your passport valid at least six months counting from voyage commencement.

After receiving your booking forms, we will send you the booking confirmation and invoice whereupon a deposit of 1/3 is due. The second third is payable until 3 months prior departure and the last third until 1.5 months prior departure. Landing fees or costs for tourist are not included in the travel fare. If you pay from outside the EURO-zone, paying by credit card might be the cheapest option. But still we have to charge a non-refundable credit card fee of 2.5%.
Voyage fees are excluding landing fees and tourist visa where applicable.

Falklands/ Las Malvinas & South Georgia
If you have booked a voyage with visits of Falklands/ Las Malvinas and/or South Georgia you will receive a seperate invoice for the landingfees. These invoices are based on an estimation of the landings ashore and will reduce the amount of cash that you will need to bring for your expenses on board. Differences in the fees, when for example we will have more landings, will be added to your bar bill on board.

Further Documents required not later than 30 days prior departure (without those it will not be possible for the skipper to accept you for the expedition):

For further details we refer to:

Besides to those please read the following leaflets and explanatory notes referring our behaviour at the Antarctica, how to protect the environment and reduce our ecolocical footprint:

You will travel on a modern Sailing Vessel. Please keep in mind, that safety first is the highest priority for all sailors on board. For this reason the exact route cannot be predicted and has to be adjusted by the captain/ skipper continuously according to the conditions - for the well-being of the whole team.

Preparations for your Antarctic expedition with the Bark Europa