climate conscious travel – with atmosfair and Slowtravel

Everyone talks about the climate - everyone contributes to the change differently

Who doesn’t know the situation – should I take the train or the plane for a short trip to London? For most people, train is not an option as it requires too much time or in some cases is not even a possibility. O­ffsetting has become popular in the recent years. The principle is easy: Some greenhouse gases are difficult to avoid. Through off­setting, you can pay climate fees, financing emission saving projects that save the same amount of emissions elsewhere. 
Although there are for many travelers on many journeys no reasonable alternative, we from SLOWTRAVEL want to offer those to you. Additionally together with atmosfair we want to provide a relieve for our climate.
But there are questions concerning o­ffsetting: do the projects really help? What percentage of the money goes to the project? And how can we make sure that off­setting has a positive impact on the environment in the long run?
atmosfair has been established as a spin off­ from a research project of the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, in order to set high standards, making o­ffsetting a trustworthy contribution towards climate protection.

What is atmosfair doing?

In cooperation with atmosfair Slowtravel calculates the amount of greenhouse gases which is released by your journey and invests the equivalent amount in high quality projects to save emissions with a comparable warming effect on our climate. This will be indicated on each journey.

What happens with your money?

atmosfair invests your climate contribution in renewable energy and energy efficiency projects in developing countries. Your contribution for example enables the construction of a small hydro power unit in Honduras, provides Nigerians with efficient fuel wood stoves and people in India with solar lamps.

All atmosfair projects undergo the approval procedure of the Clean Development Mechanism of the United Nations, which requires competent and liable auditors. In addition the projects have to meet the Gold Standard of the international environmental NGOs, such as the WWF. The Gold Standard applies strict criteria to the project technology and requires a benefit for local people and the local environment.

Meeting the highest environmental and climate protection standards regarding emissions calculation, project selection and funds allocation and by using serious monitoring mechanisms, atmosfair guarantees that over 90% of your donation really goes where it should. Due to these high standards atmosfair has won 8 awards for best practice in international comparative studies.

Important Facts about atmosfair gGmbH

  • Best Practice: 10-times award winner in independent studies of offsetting providers
  • Worldwide Unique : Exclusive CDM Gold Standard emission saving projects
  • Established: Scientific calculation of carbon emissions, verified by the Federal Environment Agency (UBA)
  • Transparent: Expenditure for human resources, administration and public relations max. 10%
  • Cost-Saving: Tax privileges for donations in Germany
  • Efficient: Easy implementation without additional administration effort
  • Verified: Advisory board environmental integrity from the German Federal Environment Ministry (BMU) and NGOs
  • Reliable: Patron Prof. Dr. Klaus Töpfer, former executive director UNEP

Together for the climate – with Slowtravel experience!

With Slowtravel you can contribute to climate protection. We ask our clients for an obligatory contribution of 23 € per ton of the actual CO2-Emission of their journey.
With this contribution you may offset your whole CO2-travel emissions with atmosfair. Further details you may see at your journey chosen.

How do I proceed? Very simple!

  1. The corresponding emission and offset contribution is presented next to each journey.

  2. Your contribution is obligatory with each booking! We forward your donation directly to atmosfair.

  3. If you want you can receive your individual tax certificate directly from atmosfair by Email, download it and take it off from your annual tax return.