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Freighter Cruise

Asia to

Asia -
Australia/ NZ

Cargo travel from
Hong Kong to Auckland

Australia, China, Hong Kong,
Japan, Malaysia, New Caledonia,
New Zealand, South Korea, Taiwan

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Asia -

Freighter travel
from Singapore to Cape Town

China, Namibia, Malaysia,
Singapore, South Africa

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Asia -
South America

Cargo ship travel
from Malaysia to Brazil

Brazil, China, Malaysia,
Singapore, South Africa, South Korea

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As from Europe, we offer freighter travels from Asia into all regions of the earth. Asia is, next to Europe, the most distinctive point of intersection to all continents.

Starting in Asia you can easiliy reach southern and northern Europe. Especially if you are keen on taking just one route between Europe and Asia, the connection from Asia to Europe is a good option as freighter travels from the east to the west between the two continents are not as fast sold out as is the other direction.

Like this you will gain the great experience on you own freighter travel on board of one of the new and big container vessels with up to 18,000 TEUs. Those are most likely to be found on routes to the north of Europe.

Our inner-Asia roundtrip with a duration of approximately 28 days is very unique due to quite a few asian ports of call which can hardly be reached otheriwse. This includes Manila on the Philippines, Incheon and Kwangyang in South Korea, as well as Hakata in Japan, just to name a few. Besides that, Pasir Gudang in Malaysia is also one of the cities, that is rarely found on container ship routes.

The cargo travels to Australia and New Zealand do not only serve as changing spot, if your are coming from Europe. A lot travellers from all around the world use this option to visit Australia or New Zealand or they just go home - in case you are lucky enough to call that region your home.

In the opposite direction, between Auckland/ New Zealand and Hong Kong it is even possible to visit Noumea in New Caledonia - a port that cannot be found on another freigher leg.

Currently there are only a few reagions on the planet, that connect South Africa and Namibia by freighter travel. Next to Europe it is only Asia for now. Once in a while there are journeys to South America, but those are quite instable.

Asia and Sout America is connected by two tracks. One follows the Indian Ocean, passing by South Africa in the south and crossing the Atlantic up to Brazil and Argentina. The other option crosses over the Pacific Ocean, where the most frighter travellers discover their most beautiful sky of stars. Passing the Pacific, those routes usually have a stop in the USA or Mexico before heading south to Panama, Columbia, Ecuador, Peru and Chile.

To North America there are two different ways as well. Either you take the longer but breath taking option via the Panama Canal and the Gulf of Mexico to the southern states or further north to the east coast until reaching New York. Or else you choose the beautiful and slightly shorter connection to the West Coast of North America - to Prince Rupert, Vancouver, Seattle, Portland, Oakland/ San Francisco, Long Beach/ Los Angeles or further till Manzanillo in Mexico.

It does not any matter which region you choose: Europe, within Asia, to Australia and New Zealand, to South Africa, to South America or North America and Central America - freighter travels will carry you anywhere.