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SV Selma Expeditions

Details of the Ship
SV Selma Expeditions sailing in Antarctic Ocean

Expedition-sailing Yacht designed by well known boat engineer Georg Azueppe-Brenner. She was built in the shipyard CM Merret in Brittany focusing on speed and sea-worthiness. Selma possesses two independent steering positions, one situated in the cockpit , the second in the comfortable pilot house. The far forward section of the bow is cut off by a sealed bulkhead. The fore peak, engine room and stern compartment have water tight bulkheads. Ropes stored on drums under the deck give the possibility of mooring in unusual/inaccessible places. Sonar helps to navigate the shallows and not well charted waters.
Selma is equipped with a diving air compressor and air bank to fill diving bottles. The bottles, lead weights and one diving jacket, and dry diving suit, are all stored on board. The design and equipment of Selma make her an ideal expedition boat destined to sail in extreme and difficult conditions. Robust, equipped for safe and independent navigation on long-distance cruises in high latitudes and remote areas. Arctic and Antarctic proven. Countless nautical miles in the wake.

Year of construction:1981
Length:20,28 m
Width:4,95 m
Draft:2,67 m
Sail area:162 qm
Engine:122 PS
Crew & Guests:max. 12
Dates and Booking

Dates & Fares

* for 8 people, pure cruise costs, excl. arrival & departure
Departure Arrival Price/Person Duration
04.02.2024 Ushiaia/ Argentina 20.3.2024 Port Stanley/ Falkland Islands 21.500 € 46 Days

Travel specific notes

Price: 21.500 € p.p. (with 8 sailors)
Board cash is included

Voyage specific notes:

The trip is not a prefabricated "standard" trip from the repertoire of a travel provider, but a very personal, individual, privately initiated trip by Christiane Dalcolmo.
She has - in order to make possible for herself and others this dream of a sailing trip to the Southern Ocean in Shackleton's footsteps - launched the project "Sailing SOUTH 2024.

The partner and operator of this voyage is Selma Expeditions from Poland. Selma Expeditions has been sailing in the Southern Ocean, the Antarctic, the Arctic and on the oceans of this world for many years - both with own expeditions and as professional orhanizer of expedition sailing trips with experienced and professional Skipper & 2 persons firm crew.

Christiane Dalcolmo, / Sailing SOUTH 2024 is contact person for this expedition and mediator between Selma Expeditions and the team of fellow sailors*.

Further information and contact:
Christiane Dalcolmo

The price includes the costs for the time of the 46-day voyage aboard SY Selma Expeditions, the costs for ship and permanent crew (skipper + 2), including food and operating costs and including permits and authorizations of entry for the ship to Antarctica and South Georgia.
Arrival and departure or possibly before or after necessary stays and / or overnight stays are to be organized individually by the respective participants and the costs for this are to be paid separately. This also applies to personal costs and fees associated with the entry, e.g. visa or covid regulations, etc. 

The price also includes the otherwise usually separately incurred on-board expenses (costs for food consumed on board and ongoing ship operating costs) and includes:

  • Accommodation in one of the 4 double cabins
  • heating on board
  • Permit costs of the yacht for the trip
  • possible harbor fees
  • entry and visitor fees per person (e.g. South Georgia)
  • Meals on board (breakfast, lunch & dinner). Non-alcoholic beverages
  • All expenses incurred during the operational phase of the vessel (Fuel, lubricating oils, gas, water, electricity, maintenance & repairs)
  • Final ship cleaning

The price does not include:

  • Costs of arrival and departure and related costs (transportation, entry, visas, vaccinations, etc.).
  • Special permits for special activities. (Overnight ashore, sports, film & photo, science, etc.).
  • Personal expenses ashore.
  • Beer, wine and other alcoholic beverages.
  • Special and personal dietary supplements. (e.g., granola bars, energy drinks, dry foods, chocolates, etc).
  • Personal grooming supplies and personal medical supplies.
  • Third party services
  • Personal equipment, clothing, sailing clothes, sailing boots.
  • sleeping bag
  • transmission costs for satellite communication
  • personal insurances (travel cancellation, interruption; foreign health insurance; accident and salvage insurance