Travel where the heart takes you!

As slow travelers we are longing for the special experiences. It can be wonderful experiences of nature, unexpected encounters and unique discoveries, that determine the value of our journey. 

The diversity of possibilities seems to be endless nowadays. But why is it often so difficult to live these experiences which we are looking for in the distance in so many different ways? What is the meaning of our travel? Is it really all about those encounters, discoveries and experiences of nature? Or is it simply about recreation and confronting ourselves?

How we choose our way of travelling, our destination and planing process (as well before or journey as during the trip itself) varies from traveller to traveller. A crucial aspect is our conditioned diversion seeking behaviour within our seemingly increasing requirements of our everyday life, where we are trying to turn our back towards those unsatisfying structures of our afflicted daily routine. 

Likewise we repeatedly orient ourselves on well-known patterns and trends (for instance travelling away even further and more individually) or we let ourselves get infected by stories told by others, which sound great, but are not actually suitable for us. So it might happen that we choose a path which does not satisfy our needs.

Our longings might be connected with an exotic, lonesome or spiritual place. Or with path on the sea (with a freighter or sailing vessel) or on land (for instance on a pilgrimage on the Way of St. James). No matter if on a longer or shorter route, or maybe located right in front of our door. It is not necessary to look for them in the far away distance. Away yes, but not far necessarily. Simply away from our old comfort zone.

On all those routes there is one crucial aspect: the heart knows what it wants. But usually it is difficult to articulate in order to be understood by our conscience. The best way to understand it, is by listening mindfully deep into ourselves and take the time that is needed. In most cases these are indications, rough guideposts, which are fully sufficient, but are subject to faith. What will arise in our heart is a vision – space for the unexpected.

It is essential that we do not decide for any path other than our own. It is not important if the needs of our heart do not make any sense for our mind in the first place. Our brain loves to start analysing and evaluating right from the beginning. What resonates first is a sign of our heart. And it is about giving attention to this impulse and to accept its deep meaning: deal and live with it.

"Life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans" (John Lennon)

An important basic principle is: “plan as little as possible and as much as required”. Best to take only one step in advance, taking time and letting yourself flow from one step to the next. And then suddenly we end up where our heart dreamed of going and what it wanted to show us: the present moment, where we have an appointment with life. This is not easily foreseeable and John Lennon expressed it very suitable with the above-mentioned saying.

We do not have to deal directly with symbolized questions of "why" in order to find an answer as fast as possible. The longer and the slower we travel, the more we will understand why the things are the way they are. What you will find there is even more important than the answer itself. This is the so called “inner-travel” during the the journey itself. It helps to keep faith, that the answer will follow after the journey.

Hold the vision of your travel and trust the path revealed!