Freighter Travel

Booking & Travel Checklist / Downloads - Please read carefully!

For booking your journey with the MV Heinrich Ehler, please send back the following documents filled-out and signed best by email or fax:

  • Booking Form (age limit 6-75 years)
  • ID-Form
  • Passport: Send us a copy of your passport valid at least six months counting from voyage commencement.

After receiving your booking forms, we will send you the booking confirmation and invoice whereupon a deposit of 25% is due. The balance is payable until 65 days prior departure. 
If you pay from outside the EURO-zone, paying by credit card might be the cheapest option. But still we have to charge a non-refundable credit card fee of 2.5%.

Further Documents required not later than 21 days prior departure:

  • Medical Certificate (not earlier than 30 days prior departure): For Passengers of 65 years or older. Please present both pages of the certificate to the doctor who completes it, this is important for insurance reasons!
  • Passage Contract/ Ticket: You will receive this after payment. Please sign the first page, send it back immediately and take the printed version with you on board. This is your ticket and has to be shown upon request.
  • Copy of your Visa and onward- or return ticket (depending on your destination).
  • International health insurance: Send us a copy of your Travel Health Insurance (with your name and contract number) including the Insurance Declaration. Please note that a travel health insurance with repatriation is mandatory for a cargo ship trip.
  • Let us know if you plan to bring your bike. 
  • We recomment trip cancellation/ withdrawal insurance.


  • The Passage Contract/ Ticket is your ticket and has to be shown on board upon request.
  • Passengers boarding in Rotterdam are picked up at a location agreed with the shuttle service, e.g. at the train station, hotel or at the address of the shuttle service. The captain of the respective ships usually determines the time of embarkation. The shuttle service will coordinate this if several passengers need to board a ship.
    The prices depend on where the ship is moored (inner-city such as Waalhaven or Prinses-Beatrixhaven approx. 60 EUR, Europoort 120-150 EUR).
    The shuttle service takes all passengers to the Immigration Office beforehand, so they don´t need to worry about that.

For further details we refer to:


  • No vaccination required
  • No embarkation possible with cold symptoms!

Without the full and proper documentation, the shipping company will not be able to issue your travel documents. Please take all completed forms with you on board.

You are traveling on a modern container ship. Please note that with this type of travel the cargo always has priority. For this reason, deadlines and port sequence are not always adhered to. Although a cargo ship operates according to a fixed schedule, there can be deviations. We therefore urge you to plan your transfers, i.e. your arrival or onward journey to or from the port of embarkation or disembarkation, as late and as flexible as possible, and to take this into account when booking the corresponding tickets. Up to 3 days postponement/delay per week of travel is acceptable. In rare cases, cancellation of the booked freighter voyage is possible. Charter contracts for cargo ships can be cancelled or changed at short notice depending on the current cargo volume. Early bookings may have to be rebooked or cancelled. The lay time in the ports usually takes about 8-12 hours, but may take up to 2 or 3 days in rare cases.

Generally there should be enough time for excursions and sightseeing for going ashore during shore leaves. The captain, the crew or the port agent are certainly happy to give recommendations.

On the day of your arrival it will probably be very busy on board as there might be a crew change, caterers and employees of the shipping company and port agents or other authorities are visiting the ship. During this time it could happen, that the captain and officers cannot welcome you, show you around or even answer your questions. But when there is less hectic this will be done. We kindly ask for your understanding! You will see, once you have left the shore a routine on board will appear.